Systems Staff Meeting Notes 07/21/03

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
July 21, 2003

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Home and car repair discussion.
  2. Office Culligan water – billing process changed, cost has roughly doubled with the new bill. Everyone agrees the new heating element works well.
  3. SysRequest’s hopping bunny – further explanation.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. New VISA purchasing card used by Debra. Characterized as an improvement. Packing List will need to be signed by the person who placed the order (primarily Debra, occasionally Bill) before faxing it to Library Purchasing. This should be handled within 24 hours. The person who placed the order will be noted on the cover sheet. If the person is out, contact Bill for proper procedure.
  1. Print release stations locked out due to password change – David (Xerox) is out for a week – it is set for autologon, done by script. Hans supposedly distributed the password to all of the liaisons. A liaison tried the wrong password five times and was locked out. It’s back up now.
  1. CISCO – has hideous vulnerability in IOS for routers – these make up the backbone/secondary rung of the Internet. An attack could bring down the world. The code for exploit was announced publicly on Friday. They had a patch ready to go and it was released. Net Services was upgrading this weekend. Luckily, none of our devices are involved. Don’t be surprised if we have local outages – ping sites when outages are reported.
  2. MS debacle – Post Service Pack 4, Server 2003 – touted as the most secure, but has the same vulnerability as CISCO. Critical patch released – all of ours have been updated – required a reboot.
  3. No-login access alleged in MSL and West – alleged user walked up, unplugged our machine, plugged in her laptop and it worked. This should not be possible. The user knew nothing – it could have been automatically configured to obtain an IP. Marvin was there; she told him that it has worked in MSL as well. Bill guesses that someone may have given her mechanical instructions and she may be using wireless. If this can actually occur, it could be a gapping hole in security. We could not replicate this – in general, it does not work. Will notes that MVP across the street advertises wireless – maybe she was picking it up?
  4. Bill received a complaint from a liaison that a Xerox printer was refusing to print a specific WORD document. It would print other documents, not that one. Could be that the printer got sent a poisoned document and became confused. This was the Blue Dot printer. Weirdness.
  5. Only Bill can get FreezeOut – he has to download it.
  6. Service Pack 4 – blows up public workstations, have to reinstall. Changes registry and group policy, everyone is locked out. No one has admin access.
  7. Public workstations – privacy statement – is ready and in the authentication folder. Has not been installed yet. Bill says roll it now.
  8. The Terrorist Information Awareness bill did not get funded by the Senate. A victory for less snooping into your life.
  9. Docs wiring in MSL – money encumbered to Digital – contractors to put conduit in walls. Docs move is now scheduled for October 1 (previously August 15). Our part should be done before the move, but Digital has to wait on the conduit. Walkup area – 2nd floor in the back, south wall. Tables in rows, cable management: 60 cut down to 36 - will mark on wall. NERDC to provide switches, we will do wiring. Once the cabinets are moved, we can move on wiring it. Bill thinks we should get a discount from Digital. We’ll try to work it out with them. MSL also wanted a wireless access point.
  10. CLAS is dumping Novell to go to Unix. Will not affect us.
Software Projects Status
  1. Link Checker – small fix on Lawan’s problem. She needed to eliminate some sites.
  2. SysRequest – still working on the capability to include attachments and an email nag to requestors and approvers.
  3. Lassie – nothing new, reviewing.
  4. Preservation – ongoing.
  5. Maps/GIS – Joe has been out.
  6. DLC Tracking and Ringling – ongoing.
  7. SQL server on NT14 – backup status – no databases copied.
  8. Docutek – fax line, modem and our end of the software have been installed. Will try to roll this week.
Web Projects
  1. Circulation files moved over and ILL files to ILLIAD.
  2. LiveStats was down over the weekend, but it recovered on its own.
Student and Department Happenings
  1. Copier – scanner needs to be replaced (it’s bent). Part should arrive in10-14 days.
  2. All of the ICPSR have been removed from the tape library. Four racks have been removed. Five missing tapes were located.

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