Systems Staff Meeting Notes 07/14/03

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
July 14, 2003

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Bobbie reports that it flooded in Keystone.
  2. Geoffrey rewired his motorcycle.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Ordering has resumed. Bill and Debra went to Elmore Hall to obtain their VISA Purchasing cards. There are many restrictions on what can be bought with the card.
  2. Things not working: high-end laptop we purchased for MSL, Penny Chou unable to dial-in from her home laptop, and public workstations: SP4 affecting profiles.
  1. MS Settlement – we may not be eligible. Government entities may be exempt. Send questions to Business Services.
  2. Centurion evaluation on hold. Geoffrey can’t find a free download. Will look at FreezeOut.
  3. Trouble at NERDC – central services: someone unplugged computers, major power outages, Gatorlink not working properly.
  4. Docutek is ready to go.
  5. ILLIAD server is ready.
  6. DLC scanner software is having trouble with the hardware key. Will is going to call the vendor.
  7. MSL/Document move – the plans that went to the contractor did not include the needed drops.
  8. Info Commons – Bill has not heard anything new.
  9. East hall wiring unknown.
Software Projects Status
  1. Lassie – Docutek is one of several applications that may replace Lassie.
  2. Resource Services – Link Checker – Hilton is looking at reported problems. Some companies don’t like being hit by link checkers.
  3. SysRequest – updates to be done: allow people to add attachments. Clicking on the bunny will make the keyboard hopping cease.
  4. GIS/Maps server project – in process. Ying got a map graphic to load.
  5. 4-4 patron records done - UF IDs are in there.

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