Systems Staff Meeting Notes 06/09/03

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
June 9, 2003

Present: Rich Bennett, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. It’s Winston’s birthday!
  2. Bill made an executive decision: we are now renting (not purchasing) a new cooler from Culligan. They promptly brought us a broken one (non-functioning hot water tap). A repairman is due today.
  3. Mold in room 16D – Bobbie’s biological discovery – it is BAD! Facilities has been alerted and they will contact EHS. We should also inform Preservation so they can check their area.
  4. Hilton has wild bunnies in his back yard. Bobbie warns: they could attract snakes!
  5. Scary announcement: PeopleSoft (ERP vendor) may be acquired by Oracle. Oracle would no longer sell the software (only keep it with the current customers). Undoubtedly, the level of support would diminish and they would encourage the use of Oracle products. The merger has not yet occurred, but Oracle has a lot of money. If it did happen, Oracle would be #2 in the world. This puts much turmoil in the ERP project.
Review Minutes of 6/2/03
  1. Re: Ann #2 – Cynthia/Roaches – Pest Control has revisited and dropped off a new series of traps.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Orders – nothing major – may carry forward money rather than the usual end-of-year spending.
  1. Liaisons and MMM – discussed changes in UF’s workstation security policy – staff need IT listed in their position description. This will eliminate students working on machines.
  2. Admin passwords – will now be changed in local areas every 3 months. Systems should be kept informed accordingly.
  1. Quirky network switches – NERDC is beta testing a device to check connections – a tool from the Web Page detect mismatched connections. Looks like it may need to be auto on each – takes some experimentation. Slow response on net connections – also reporting congestion in bandwidth – probably network card. We will look at the 54 subnet to see where the consumption occurs.
  2. Splash Screens – no legal wording established. We know the basic mechanism for it to function. It will be best to have it appear on the very first screen, before the password/log-on (public machines). For staff, we can attach it to individual workstations – can do log-in script. The gist of the wording concerns privacy – all moves are subject to inspection, all resources are to be used for authorized UF purposes. The exact wording will come from Dale Canelas. Bill has the draft, but it is undergoing changes.
  3. Dewey SQL – password will be changed today. Check services for authentication errors, they may not show up until it restarts. There are many services running under it – they should be changed to a local password. We will then put them on a regular password-changing interval. When a password is changed, you need to make sure everyone is informed. Heightened security can be painful.
  4. Support for renovation – wiring meeting scheduled for Wednesday of this week. They want to reduce the number of phone lines.
  5. Bobbie is working on the documentation of the server room (19D). It is current at this time. There are 3 new servers for 19D and 2 new for MSL.
  6. Geoffrey received info from Australia warning about a nasty virus – a low level Trojan – the bug is patched, but expect more email junk, traffic.
  7. Bill and Suzy attended the UF Risk Assessment Meeting at the Reitz Union on Friday. Most of the discussion was about physical access to machines. They passed on this item: it’s too dangerous to justify being signed on with an Admin account and use a Web browser – even on a local machine. That would mean all Admin users would have to have a second session open for browsing. Maybe set up VM ware and hot key between sessions? Big enough threat here in Systems? Bill hasn’t experienced this type of problem yet. Antivirus will block most, but a hole in Microsoft would be a problem. The only practical way to deal with this would be the CIA way – with a complete separate box or really expensive software.
  8. Friday afternoon Bill received a call from Net Services – 10.32 - port 4000 - a public machine acting like potential Ware Server on campus. Bill & Geoffrey went over to MSL – found nothing. Upon return, Bill had an email stating they had made a mistake – it was 10.132. Bill went back over to MSL – found a staff workstation. The only non-standard item on it was Internet Radio. All in standby mode – the radio people have figured out how to capitalize RBICAST, Inc – steals bandwidth – looks at the IP range and then feeds from one to the 5MB total used on campus. 65 in local LAN to redistribute 65 times back out. What will this do to Internet Radio on campus? NERDC is examining the situation. No action has been taken yet.
Software Projects Status
  1. SysRequest – AFA, Music & Facilities trained last week. ILL, Personnel & Maps are scheduled for this week. Except for Education and Judaica, that should be all.
  2. DLC – Meeting with Erich and Joe Aufmuth – learned about GIS. Joe demoed his tool – don’t know if we should write JAVA inside or from the outside. On the horizon: GIS project.
  3. Hilton is optimizing the Student-Patron Update – has it down from 3 hours to 1½ minutes.
  4. Winston is working on the Replication Software for Cathy Mook.
Web Projects
  1. WebStats – Yea! Bill got involved, figured out the problem and fixed it! It was a Network problem – had to copy the logs and do some importing – it was complete in two days. We’ll build new ones this way. Plus, we got info from DeepMetrix about how to purge SQL tables.
  2. Web Master position – Interview next Monday with a good-looking candidate (reference resume and Web pages).
Student and Department Happenings
  1. Debra/students will be pulling/deleting/disposing the ICPSR tapes from the Tape Library. Per Bill Hanssen (via Al Krouse): both the cartridge and reel tapes can be thrown out in the dumpster. All the data is now available online.

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