Systems Staff Meeting Notes 06/02/03

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
June 2, 2003

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. The water cooler has developed incontinence - a slow seepage leak. Will investigate renting a new cooler from Culligan (instead of owning a used one) or renting from a new company entirely.
  2. Cynthia walked in the Systems south side entrance at 7AM this morning and a roach fell on her. Bobbie reports that there are always several in the Ladies Room. There are bug traps around, but we should contact the bug hotline in Preservation.
  3. Will has returned and is ready to do the work of three people.
  4. Rich’s nephew is ahead of schedule on the Appalachian Trail.
  5. Library Conference in Toronto is still scheduled – SARS outbreak is of concern – Rich will be going to Detroit first, may opt out of the Toronto excursion.
  6. ALC Recap – Topics of interest to Faculty – three year review. Heads up on tenure. There was supposed to be a report on the West move, but Steve Shorb was not present to give the update. Dave, John and Carol report that the whole building floor plan is in – and the entire West parking lot will be eliminated. There will be an 18-month evacuation of West, March ’05 – September ’06. The groundbreaking for the new building will be November ’03 – then compact shelving and shuffling – Docs to MSL, HSS to current Docs then out of the building. These plans are predicated on getting a storage facility. Chuck Frazier hopes to confirm this with Dale within a week’s time. Providing service to these makeshift areas will be interesting. Update Endowment Management – Provost had breakfast with the Deans – our endowment is doing as well as most, but we won’t be able to dip as much as usual. UF’s budget took an $11 million cut. Tuition has been increased, but out-of-state can’t be increased further. Cuts to Shands and IFAS. May get matching funds through donations. Our building funds are guaranteed, but none for the Law School Library. SARS – anyone visiting infected countries will be screened (upon return) by the Infirmary. Union elections in the fall. Six month pilot on IT positions, will then be applied across the board – may hold up union representation. Patriot Act problems – no way to resist legally. Need to let patrons know they can’t safeguard their privacy.
Review Minutes of 5/19/03
  1. Servers have arrived.
  2. Fire drill – Facilities will try to wire the horn into the server room. They have contacted Physical Plant. In the meantime, be aware that you can’t hear the fire alarm in that room.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Nothing major on order at the moment.
  2. Expect the usual year-end scramble.
  3. There will be another workstation order and Erich has camera orders for the queue.
  1. Splash screens for workstations – lack of privacy notice for public workstations. We are working on it. Will have to do it for the staff machines as well – authorized use – make it part of the log-on screen – should be only local level in addition.
  2. Net support for renovation - East hallway: Wireless – up to 200 bandwidth (5 @ 2 mg) $800. Wired at the electrical (5 @ 100 mg) $400. MSL: no word on where to put the public workstation for walk-up.
  3. Usual trouble with GatorLink IMAP mail.
Software Projects Status
  1. Change in campus security.
  2. SysRequest – 8 out of 22 departments have been trained. Cynthia has been trying to set up appointments for demos. Bill will notify managers.
  3. Changes to Personnel database – affected Trouble Tickets – all fixed.
  4. Winston met with Cathy Mook – she wants a new system to coordinate between Preservation and Resource Services to buy film replacement for books. They look to see if books are filmed at other universities and then they buy from them.
  5. Jeffrey Barr – he is interested in a new system to put a list of rare books in the Baldwin Collection on the Web and make it more searchable.
  6. Oral History – DLC – working on database design.
  7. Hilton is working on the conversion of the Student-Patron update: downloading the list, processing here (rather than the mainframe) and then FTP to FCLA.
  8. DLC SQL conversion – not complete.
  9. Guinea pig: Tom Caswell’s AFA unit to wipe end drive – the unit is on Geoffrey’s desk – will have live feedback at the end of the week.
Web Projects
  1. Arrrrgh! Suzy worked with DeepMetrix support all of last week. There are a number of problems that have cascaded. Suzy had to start over; it may take a whole year to import 2 years of stats. There is corruption in the data tables – no errors in the log. Data in the MySQL tables – data is intact. The process is way too slow. Will work on it more this week.
Student and Department Happenings
  1. Lori is out all this week. There will be no student on the desk/phones from 10:45AM-2PM.

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