Systems Staff Meeting Notes 03/03/03

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
March 3, 2003

Present: Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Suzy Shaw, Hilton Soto, Ying Tang
  1. Cynthia met Walter Koenig (Chekov from Star Trek) at a Sci-Fi convention this weekend.
  2. Bobbie relays that there was a hailstorm in Graham, Florida where her daughter lives. Christy’s horses were bruised and the roof of Carlton’s sister’s car was dented.
  3. Latest DDD memo – need to read through it. It is the codification of things previously discussed. It mentions emeritus provisions – long distance services plus parking and working services. Layoffs – it would cost them money to layoff anyone during this fiscal year. After that depends on the Legislative session. The state does not have the money for next year – there will be a $30 million budget cut at UF. The grievances bit in the memo is long – TEAMS has one procedure only – no evaluation, salary or performance. All of these rules are currently in place.
  4. Bill and Suzy will be out from noon on Tuesday, March 4th until the afternoon of Thursday, March 6th.
Review Minutes of 2/24/03
  1. Bill’s DSL disaster – the CISCO router in BellSouth needed an IOS upgrade. The problem is now resolved and the speed is fast.
  2. LoveGate bust – we’ve had no incident of the virus in our scanner.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Order for another 30 workstations to go out this week. We’ll try to get them with W2K – but, if it’s too costly, we’ll have to reconfigure.
  1. Server room lock out – Will came in to change the tapes over the weekend – around 10:15 PM – he got into the building OK, but his fob did not work on the server room door. However, it did work this morning – John Humphrey had reviewed the log and noticed that Will’s fob was not programmed correctly. He has since changed it to 24-hour access. Problem may have originated when Joe Aufmuth was granted fob access to the server room. Need to double check on his access and make sure that Michael Howell no longer has access.
  2. Nicky Picky – Bobbie noticed a red blob on the UPS in the first floor Com closet in MSL last week. According to OIT, it is probably Nicky Picky, a fiber lubricant that is oozing from a ruptured cable.
  3. Blocking GIF files? No, we currently only block executables. However, it is possible that Outlook is blocking them.
  4. AD Consultant report - single forest/single domain – migrating all to the University domain on a voluntary basis. A central calendar system will come first. They recommend four full-time employees devoted to AD by the time it goes into production. There is no nose count of the number of objects in AD. It may need multiple domains (which are harder to handle) to manage it. The directory group has been paring down. Group Policy are by domain – would be looser. Loop Back Policy – tied to ID, individual sign-on. The first FTE has not been hired yet. The new Data Center Director has been hired, but no public announcement has been made yet. Should be common knowledge by the end of March.
Software Projects Status
  1. Resource Services – Webcrawler software weirdness – they have a machine with an Office upgrade bug, but they don’t want us to blow the machine away and reinstall Office because they have an in-house developed software application on the machine that they can’t let go of. It allows them to interface with IFAS. Bill says they have to be able to back it up or it can be blown away.
  2. Automation of accounting record transfers – it is in the same state, Ying is capable of running it in Winston’s absence. Bill wants Cynthia & Hilton on board as well – they will need Dean’s Menu permissions.
  3. Improvement in stored procedures is done.
  4. SysRequest – testing latest batch of changes.
  5. DLC – Erich cancelled a review last Wednesday as well as a meeting three weeks ago. He has been very busy. There is some reorganization/restructuring within the Libraries going on (involving DLC). Check Library Council Minutes for details.
  6. PAULA is next on the list for Hilton.
  7. Trend software – machines not routinely running checks, but the servers are screening them.
Web Projects
  1. NetAgent – the holding company (Divine) is in Chapter 11; it will probably be picked up by another software company. We currently pay a maintenance fee of $2400 for the electronic reference chat service. We may have to re-evaluate that expenditure in the future.
  2. Stat Server – was up most of last week – no complaints. Auto Updates have not been turned off yet – needs to be done manually.
Student and Department Happenings
  1. Students out for Spring Break March 10-14. Remember to answer the phones when necessary.

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