Systems Staff Meeting Notes 1/27/03

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
January 27, 2003

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Bobbie’s stepdaughter placed third in the state in weight lifting.
  2. Machine replacement – will go with the oldest (out of warranty) first. The first distribution of vault machines has gone to the CIRC desks to enable ALEPH – also, ILL.
  3. Bucs won the Superbowl.
  4. AD meeting tomorrow at the Reitz Union. Servers for the campus have been received and are being installed.
  5. Joe Aufmuth (Documents) now has access to the Systems & the server room to work on the GIS server.
  6. Computer cryptology – paper published detailing how master keys can be replicated – causing a stir in security circles.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Another order for 30 Dells has gone out. Flat screens will be ordered: 15” viewable – equivalent to 17” CRT (price goes up when you go bigger).
  1. Slammer SQL worm was released this weekend. Caused massive network traffic/jam ups – people were working all weekend to get it fixed. This was all preventable – the hot fix was released in July of last year.
  2. Missing access to Web Of Science this morning – contacted FCLA, but there was no answer.
  3. Switch in West 219 – Bobbie installed. NT3 & NT4 are on separate switches, should eliminate PAULA problems & Geoffrey’s profile problems. Small file transfers go through at the normal rate. Big blocks and fragmented blocks were slow. Actually, small transfers have often had other related hassles. Public, Journalism & Education still have patron verification hangs. Tickets have been slow, sometimes PAULA is slow – Bill has seen an upsurge in PAULA closing itself.
  4. Failover SQUID – not looking for proxy. Ultimately, we’re to have a backup SQUID server – if East goes down, there’d be no NT2R or SQUID. The building would be totally out. Fail over may be to not use the SQUID server. Userids will be live and active – can’t track where they hit the database. Will consider disabling it, need a method to set it for fail-over only.
Software Projects Status
  1. Public Logoff – no more problems reported - declared closed.
  2. FCLA accounting records processing – Martha called Winston, FCLA was sending data with SSNs – FLCA thought they were exempt from that requirement, but Tigert is only accepting UF IDs – neither department had time to do the change, so Winston became the glue – FCLA sends the file to him everyday and he changes it over and sends it on to Tigert. He is working to make it production status – will train the other programmers to ensure that it can always be run. FCLA is hopelessly behind on the target dates – they blame it on Ex-Libris. Our situation is unique in that FCLA is doing the data conversion. Ex-Libris will start changing on the contract date. There will be a lot of ramifications if this doesn’t come off on time – if it goes past May, there will be serious problems at the fiscal year end.
  3. Facilities – Bill reviewed Point of Sale Operating Expense database. Cynthia made changes after the review. She is finishing up the Dept Reports, then she’ll be able to show it to them.
  4. SysRequest – on hold while Cynthia works on Facilities.
  5. ILLIAD to Accounting – done.
  6. SysLog – should be finished today.
  7. DLC Tracking database – new version tentatively approved. Erich will be back from ALA on Thursday.
  8. UF Directory stuff – all lookup happens at the application level – Winston wants to move it up – this will increase the ability to add without changing the functionality. Winston needs to create fail-over apps for Geoffrey’s new stuff.
  9. ILLIAD to new version 6.0 – had lots of repercussions - printing problems – now settled.
Web Projects
  1. Stat server – change made last week proved beneficial – it has stayed up longer than ever and can restart it remotely. One process is still set to manual.

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