Systems Staff Meeting Notes 12/02/02

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
December 2, 2002

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart
  1. Geoffrey clocked many miles of travel on his vacation. He also got a third degree on his leg from his motorcycle.
  2. Bobbie went shopping on Friday – naturally, it was packed. But she went again on Saturday and there was no one out! Walmart had their best weekend ever. Their parking lot was completely full at 5AM on Friday!
  3. Bill will be out of the office December 9-20. He is going to Idaho and will pretty much be out of communication during that time.
  4. Systems Holiday Luncheon – will probably schedule it after the holidays, since so many of us will be out on vacation.
  5. Portal – the Grand Portal – will be used as the gateway to UF, instead of the Web page. Martha sent Rich an email to this effect before she left for the holidays. They think this is going to handle remote access to the databases. The UF Portal on the Web will be a Web page with a new name, new code, new channels, etc. UF student, staff and faculty could have customized access – including an official entry into the Dean’s Menu system. There will be an initial group of links, then select resources for your own page. Those not affiliated with UF will have to enter via the portal. The design example being used is Cal State at Fresno. Their portal is done through PeopleSoft. The UF Portal is to be demoed in early January and in place by March.
  6. Changeover to new UF ID – the first date it will be active at UF is January 21. Be sure to check your pay stubs carefully the first week after the changeover.
  7. A long (38 hour) power outage is going to occur the weekend of December 21 or 28-29. The word is that they will bring in auxiliary generators to keep us going. They are planning on rebuilding the entry room for the electrical in East. Will have to ensure HVAC runs. NT4 relocation will probably be delayed until January. This will probably occur when Bill is out. We’ll be getting more information once the date is nailed down.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Scanner order is out for LAD. It will scan 8˝ x 11 documents & is faster. When it comes in, please rush it to LAD and install it as soon as possible. The scanner is to run side by side to the current one they have (it is SCSI, this one will be USB).
  2. There has been talk of items to be ordered in the future. We anticipate money from the legislature. Money probably won’t be released from FCLA until January. Could be around $200-$300,000. We will order some automated computer/software inventory for our department. Also some software for the analysts. If you can think of anything you need, get a list together and give it to Bill.
  3. Melody’s machine (Personnel) has broken down again. She installed Yahoo Instant Messenger again and now the machine just restarts automatically. Will is researching this problem. She also had difficulties installing her printer.
  4. Our current barcode readers won’t read the new UF ID cards. Bobbie spent some time with Greg Flowers (Scan Technology) on Wednesday. He brought a new, one-piece reader that is smaller, lighter, faster and cheaper per unit – and it can read the new cards. We will use it to replace our current readers. They will run about $90 a piece. We’ll start by installing a trial reader on the Circ desk in Library West. The new cards are in ANSI spec.
  1. Have had some recent incidents of people trying to short-circuit SYSHELP. They need to go through the proper channels, but some still want to contact their ‘pet tech’ personally. If you have any ‘pet users’, try to make them stop contacting you directly. No one should get by under the table. Requests need to be routed correctly in order to document and track them accordingly. If someone calls complaining, try to solve the problem first and then reiterate the proper procedure.
  2. Standard flood of viruses – KLEZ and variants – do not open unknown mail. If suspicious, notify Systems.
  1. More problems with GatorLink. They had to restart this morning – no mail lost, just forwarding delayed.
  2. Documentation – did not quite meet the Dec. 1st deadline. Still need to label the Com closet on the 3rd floor of East and then hit Journalism. After that, the documentation will be complete.
  3. Switch is not place for the MSL classroom, but the one for room L101 (Xerox) is up and running.
  4. AD meeting next week – the consultant is now on board. Bill will be out of the office, so others will have to go in his stead.
Software Projects Status
  1. Public log off disappearance – had one incident in Education last week. They rebooted the machine before they could get any info from it. It is still an issue; Winston is researching. Have not heard any negative feedback from Music.
  2. Cynthia is working on the security log gizmo for public machines. It is almost complete.
  3. Hilton is working on the security log to be used within Systems. Should be ready to go today or tomorrow.
  4. System to help ILL – called TOAD – one-shot deal, takes on a number of issues. Should help them not have to enter data twice.
  5. A major portion of the Personnel system is done. There are no references to SSN – all switched to UF IDs. There is still an issue with the sorting order of the reports they need on pay days.
  6. SysRequest – MMM & Liaisons meetings this week. We will discuss the new system.
DP Coordinator
  1. Students – Dead week toward the end of next week, finals are the following week. There is a shorter intercession between semesters this year. School starts back on January 6th.

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