Systems Staff Meeting Notes 11/04/02

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
November 4, 2002

Present: Rich Bennett, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Halon Inspection scheduled for November 19, 3:00-4:00 PM.
  2. Winston reports that the Indigo Girls were good last night.
  3. Winston’s hedgehog was returned.
  4. Microsoft won big in the courts on Friday.
  5. Bobbie attended the TEAMS info session this morning. It was a good presentation – they had to move the location to the Reitz Union auditorium due to the number of people that were in attendance. They compared the categories: USPS, A&P and TEAMS. A lot of new computer positions are in the works. Kept referring to the “devolution of the transition” to TEAMS. USPS “bumping” is still in effect in a lay off situation. Reorganization: USPS will have four times within a year to change to TEAMS. Faculty is now referred to as “Academic Support”. UF is a “public corporation”. There was no mention of the bimonthly paychecks.
Review Minutes of 10/21/02
  1. Announcements #1 -Requests for calendars has been submitted.
  2. Review #1 – Resource Services picked up the laptops for the Reclass Project.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. The switch for the MSL classroom has been received.
  2. PO for the MSL classroom furniture – still trying to go out.
  3. Geoffrey has tested the new PCs for the classroom. They are very fast and easy.
  4. They are coming in as NTFS – it is not necessary to convert.
  1. Liaison meeting this week.
  2. Security policy implications – Bill has to have the Library’s version turned in by December 1st. Bill will send the link out to Middle Managers and Liaisons. There will be a change in the qualification for local standards for IT work. Need to come close to A+ certification. Liaisons will need to either learn a lot more or give up their status – right now probably only 10% would qualify. Locking physical access to computers – hopefully public computers would be exempt. Permissions for passwords – same for networks – have to be certified. New documentation standards are horrendous – requires a physical diagram of a physical path. It’s not so bad for new buildings, but very difficult for old ones. We should get some slack for existing stuff.
  1. Network Services came through last Thursday looking for room 219 East – they were actually looking in the wrong building. They have no current documentation on the fiber running between Libraries East and West.
  2. ERP-SSN/UF ID- Security - anxiety on the face of IT people at meetings. SSN implications on payroll stickers – paychecks come in SSN order – that is the way the labels print out. Central Payroll said that the checks would still be sent out in SSN order – our Personnel office needs a work around in order to generate the labels in order without using SSN. If Amendment 11 passes in tomorrow’s election, much of the security and networking items may be in limbo.
  3. Weekend NT3 print problems – Bill received a call at 5:30PM on Saturday reporting a problem printing in Library West. Will got the call as well – he pinged the server and came in to check the print queues – they were empty – he restarted the server anyway. No problem was found.
  4. The last Apache server is up and running.
  5. McAfee has been removed from all servers – they are now all running Trend. Trend released two version updates within 24 hours.
  6. NT5 is up and running, but not back on the domain yet.
  7. Dead switch on the third floor of East this morning.
Software Projects Status
  1. Public Logoff button – no reports of disappearance.
  2. UF ID mods to Personnel – should be done this week.
  3. Dewey Reclass – gave the standalone software to Doug Smith. Done.
  4. Thursday – will recruit two departments at the MMM to try out the online Hardware/Software SysRequest.
  5. Elected Officials project for Docs – modification of the date of last update.
  6. DLC Tracking database - large change to the number of dates and workflows they want tracked. Work on this is in process.
  7. DLC Time Management – have not heard from them – Erich said the Tracking database is first priority.
  8. Keys to the Maps server have not been given to Joe Aufmuth yet. He will be the one loading the Documents software. New server to be christened NT13.
Web Projects
  1. Stat server was down again this morning. It is not being backed up, so that is not the cause of the problem. Need to contact the tech help at LiveStat.
Department Happenings
  1. Systems department phone – not picking up the automated message left by Debra when dialing in from outside at off hours – Cynthia & Hilton have both gotten an automated directory that instructs them to leave a message, but once they do, we can’t find/listen to it. Bill notes that there is an Administrative Directory – it may be switching to it at a certain time. Will investigate.

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