Systems Staff Meeting Notes 10/28/02

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
October 28, 2002

Present: Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Office supply/calendar budget – each department now has an operating expense budget. The amount in the account is based on an average spent for the past three years. The Systems allocation is $1200. Calendar purchases will come out of this budget. Please give all calendar requests to Bill.
  2. Library Council Recap – Budget issues discussed – Lapse money originally quoted at $125,000 now up to $182,000. That is the amount of money we are required to return. What we’ll do is hold positions open and not hire. If we hold them open long enough, we will make extra money onto carry-over. There will be a 5%-8% callback after the election. Mostly in salaries. We will probably not be covering vacancies. Things are looking grim and dismal. Layoffs: we have never really had state layoffs. Don’t worry too much – it would mainly be a problem for us if Systems personnel start leaving. Change in the way we get paid – we’ll be getting 24 paychecks per year, not 26. That means we’ll be getting paid on the 1st and 15th of every month. Start date of this new system is unknown, but forthcoming. It will be a big money-saver for the state. Book OCO – is about half-spent. We will stop foreign orders in December and all book-buying in February. NOTIS entries will be frozen from March to May (due to ALEPH). We may get emergency software requests to track records outside of both systems. Sample loads of our data seem to work fine. Workflows will change. Dale reiterated that they had a Dean’s meeting – TEAMS was not discussed. We are forming a Library committee to draft new classes of workers – may get rid of LTA, LTA supervisor, etc. For the first three years, most of the descriptions will just be copied over. If the Board of Regents amendment passes, the Libraries want to be ready. Dale wants people to attend the TEAM info seminars. DLC midnight bomber run – Stephanie gave out screen prints of the prototype of the timecard system. Meanwhile, Ed Poppell had been contacted and he said no – there will be a new system to handle eventually. DLC will only be able to use it for time management. Dale was very enthused by the prospect. Regardless, it was a grossly premature announcement.
Review Minutes of 10/21/02
  1. Phek Su – no word from Resource Services about picking up the laptops for the Reclass Project, but they are ready to go and she has been informed.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. ARC Info server has been received.
  1. Saturday morning – lost the WINS server: on a four drive RAID, we lost 3 drives simultaneously. Bill went to MSL, put WINS on NT16 and changed the IP to 10.99. NT5 is off the air. Three drives need to be replaced. Need to buy 5 new drives – replace 3, add 2 – will not increase capacity – will have 2 hot spares. May want a 3 drive array with 3 hot spares. It takes awhile for WINS to reconverge – all public sign-ons dropped off – they were unable to sign-on. MSL also lost Xerox printing. NT5 – our crack hardware team will evaluate how we could have lost 3 out of 4 drives at once. The controller is working. It was a weird occurrence. The server was very dirty & beeping like crazy. Backups for NT5 ran fine on Thursday night. WINS outages are much nastier than we thought. Cache tables were gone – need to figure out why this was so catastrophic and whether or not we want a WINS backup server. NT5 print queues moved to NT16.
  2. McAfee on NT3, 4 & 15 was getting insane.dam threats. It says it’s a real virus, but gives false positives. Auto update is a DAT file – it is not set to update the engine. We need to get rid of McAfee by the end of this week. May require a server restart – that’s OK – whatever is necessary.
  3. Recovery – need procedures written up – Bobbie has been assigned this task. Local network – every wire, jumper, pathway and recovery procedure has to be documented by December 1st. Current standards require 14 digits on both ends: building, room, port in/out. New construction can manage that requirement, but there is no way for us to follow that standard.
  4. MSL wiring – set to go Nov 12. Switches have not been received. Barbara is aware that this is a priority. Not sure about the furniture at all – it takes 8 weeks to build. The computers are in, Geoffrey will set one up – they’ll use the 10 subnet – no private IPs!
  5. DLC Apache server – OS installed.
Software Projects Status
  1. Log off button disappearance – has not been caught recurring as of last Tuesday. The new version is being watched. Cynthia’s change may have fixed it.
  2. Hilton has finished the software to assist in the Dewey Reclass Project. Have not heard from Resource Services about when they will be ready for it.
  3. Online SysRequest – workflow is a bit confusing right now since Debra is testing all of the stages. Discussion followed regarding repair techs checking in items and the possibility of Library Purchasing noting when they’ve ordered an item.
  4. DLC – Ying was testing the time management program before the Library Council meeting. Erich thought Bill had stopped it. Ying reviewed cash-for-charges in the DLC Tracking database. Track mods – yes, Time Management – on hold.
  5. Changes to UF ID’s – OPS Task Tracker, Travel database, etc.
  6. Documents – Elected Officials database – Cynthia made changes to the date last modified. It is not just a change in the code, but a Web standard. We need to track when the underlying code changes are made.
  7. Grace – generated a Trouble Ticket wanting ILLIAD imported to the Accounting System for Invoicing. Winston doesn’t feel like it will work. He is looking at the feasibility of a report for ILL to see the entries made today and to transport them to the Accounting system. Right now they have to log on to both systems and double key the data. Will use SQL server to batch transfer.
Web Projects
  1. Blake Landor reported a problem with the Classics site for Macs running IE. OIT came to the conclusion that it was our Web server. The problem turned out to be with the HTML code. Macs were caught in an infinite loop. It’s imperative that Web editor output is checked when reporting this type of problem.

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