Systems Staff Meeting Notes 10/21/02

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
October 21, 2002

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Suzy Shaw, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Bobbie’s daughter had her toe severed by a pony’s hoof this past Sunday. The toe was reattached. She is scheduled to come home from the hospital today, but has to remain off her feet for 6 weeks. Bobbie will be taking time off to help her out in the coming weeks.
  2. Active Directory at UF – first public meeting on the topic was held last week. Mike Conlon was the speaker. Three consultants have been contacted: Microsoft, Dell and Dimension Data. Microsoft has not returned the calls, Dell is supposed to respond this week and Dimension Data has already turned in their proposal. Total cost will be 5 figures. Whatever firm is hired will not just be consultants, but implementers as well. They have given up on the November 1st date of implementation and moved it to the end of December. It will be an open design process – if you miss your slot, it will not slow down for you – they want it to roll. A lot of Info Technology staff will be reallocated. There is no AD person hired at NERDC. ERP info session should be coming soon. Clearly, there will be a central AD. Initially it will just include people info, more will probably be added once it is up and running. If your area does not run Microsoft, then you will just fall behind. No mention has been made of Novell. 85% of UF is running Microsoft. It will be difficult if you don’t join the process. Theirs is talk of a central University calendar. This morning, Net Services are probing to see how many Active Directory servers are out there. They may be better off asking departments, since a probe will not pick up member servers. The probe count will not be accurate. AD should work at the central level. It will be pure AD up and down the tree. Getting the consultants to understand the bigger implication is a structural change. A task force has been formed to look at all IT positions.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. All orders have been received, except for the Arc Info server.
  2. 23 Dells have arrived and are being stored in the old server room. Hall door must be secured in the evenings. For the time being, they are more secure in Systems than in L206 MSL.
  3. Resource Services Relocation Project laptop batteries and barcode scanners have been received. Geoffrey has the two Dells completed; the two Vaios are still waiting for batteries (still on order). There has been no word from Phek Su regarding when they will actually be ready to pick up the laptops. The guideline was mid-October, and we are meeting that projection.
  1. MSL wiring – start date set for November 12. All estimates have been delivered to Business Services.
  2. Xerox wiring is scheduled within the same timeframe. Classroom has priority.
  3. Will finished the Security System in Facilities – four servers with four different displays. It displays a decent number of frames per second. Bill advises that the screen savers must be set. If they are disabled, then Facilities permissions will be pulled.
Software Projects Status
  1. Public logoff button disappearance – Cynthia made a change – it was checking to see if there was another instance of the application running – that routine has been taken out. Geoffrey helped to distribute this new version out last week. Winston will ask Music to keep an eye out for a reoccurrence of the problem.
  2. Public workstation screensavers – reverts; won’t stay with the screensaver they put on it – just turns black. We’re hoping the message queue was simply overwhelmed.
  3. Resource Services Dewey Reclass Project – Hilton is working on a conversion for Excel that the Spine Label program will accept. Project is expected to start today.
  4. Hardware/Software Requests Online - still in test mode, working on permissions for units. Will start with one or two departments as test units at first – maybe DLC and Special Collections.
  5. SSN transition to UD ID – numbers are not hard to change, Winston is working on the Personnel database, Cynthia on the Travel database.
  6. Ying is working on Erich’s Time Management Automation. She is using a 60-day evaluation of See Sharp.
  7. Two programs require Quick Reports Full Version instead of the one that came with DELPHI. Right now we have one copy - with two people using it. Need to buy new licenses. May need to upgrade to Quick Reports for D5. May need to upgrade our current version of DELPHI was well.
Web Projects
  1. No prototype for the world yet.

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