Systems Staff Meeting Notes 09/30/02

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
September 30, 2002

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. 500/700/809 Area Code scams – problematic area codes – calls go to the Caribbean (big charges). Calls come in to pagers and answering machines – return call is a super long message at $20-$30 per minute.
  2. Campus and Active Directory – Active Directory to be installed by November 1. The position of Active Directory Coordinator has been posted. This system may facilitate a universal calendar, email, etc. Will be in support of the ERP project.
  3. Computer and Network physical security – any area designated by local ISM (Bill for Libraries) shall have auditable access. Must be able to record who/when access occurs. If you have a key override, you are in violation of the policy. This will require both a key and a card swipe. Only in power failures would access not be recorded. Security areas include switches and Com closets. Presumably it will mean electromagnetic locks. There will no longer be free and anonymous access. New construction and renovations are required to meet these new standards – other structures as funding and time permits. Bill doesn’t plan on designating staff areas under this plan right now – will address the closets, etc. first.
  4. Library Council recap (LMG reconstituted) – meeting last Thursday. Equipment budget – took a hit across the SUS – there may be another callback, so FCLA is not releasing any funds now because they don’t want to be left holding the bag. May result in an end of the year buying rush. Strategic planning – FISH, SPIT, SPIG. SPIT group is responsible to Library Council, not vice versa. SUS cut the equipment budget database. Dale says that even if there is no SUS, we will continue to act cooperatively (as we have in the past) because there is no other way. Building update – area studies will be put in Library East – everything in Collection Management: LAC, Judaica and the forming Asian and African collections. Documents will be moving to the bottom floor of MSL. The classroom was put back in West – also the restrooms. The new plans are supposed to be to the architect by October 1 (tomorrow). Central planning is making sure there is money for networking, etc. There will be no second monthly MMM meetings in November or December because Library Council has to meet at that time.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. We will be buying extra batteries for the laptops. There is a need for four of them to run for six hours for the Reclass Project (reclassifying from Dewey to the Library of Congress). Will probably need to have three batteries per laptop. This will reduce the number of laptops we’ll have available for checkout.
  2. Still experiencing W2K problems, but the machines work fine after being rebuilt.
  1. User permissions are still problematic. Will is going through folders – how permissions got changed is unknown – most of the problems are too many read-only folders and not enough with write permission.
  2. Our Active Directory thinking will be altered – we were going to devote 6 servers to convert to W2K – may not be necessary.
Software Projects Status
  1. PAULA still dies.
  2. Public logoff disappearing – Winston talked with Robena - there were two problems: one, the place where the logoff scripts were looking for a fresh batch file that was not there. Winston replaced it on the server. Two, the logoff script was not specified. Winston is still investigating. There may be some other areas where this problem is occurring, but it is not getting reported via SYSHELP.
  3. Red Alert – Cynthia is working on it.
  4. IRDB – is now in a workable state.
  5. Special OPS Report – couldn’t get Barbara and Grace together – Grace wants it at one page only, says there is too much info – Bill says not to change it until he reviews it.
  6. Online HW/SW Requests – initial meeting has occurred, need to review changes with Bill Covey.
  7. DLC – Ying’s meeting with Erich – discussed Checksum - she is assuming the info is correct - it is taken from the original directory. Unsure if there is an original directory after the CD was burned. Hopefully there are multiple CDs. Rescanning may not be an option.
  8. DLC Tracking Database – Ying says the current version is done. Will start a new phase for changes. Ying is still investigating why the auto date batch file was erased. Dates are now missing on all reports. One of the DLC students wrote a program to automatically fill in info on Ying’s program. The disappearing data did not start until the student attempted programming. Erich never asked for the functionality that the student attempted. Students are not supposed to do any programming.
  9. Analyzer Plus for Erich – he said that it did not have enough functions. He wants us to write our own version. Bill says we have something similar that should go up in the general Library. Erich will give Ying the programming request this week.
Web Projects
  1. Stats Server – had not been up for a week, as previously reported. The log stopped importing. Ran a security update then patched along with Front Page extensions. It was OK this morning, but had stopped on Saturday. The clocks are very messed up on it. The last backup was done Friday at 12:30PM. Suzy will check to see if the problem folder still exists.
Student/Dept Happenings
  1. There are 2 timecards this week for USPS employees because of the 2.5% across-the-board raise effective October 1st.

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