Systems Staff Meeting Notes 09/23/02

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
September 23, 2002

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Winston has a pet hedgehog. It is proving to be difficult to care for.
  2. Geoffrey had a small, black kitten adopt them last weekend.
  3. Window replacement project in Library East – they are supposed to start with the first, ‘trial’ window – located in Special Collections – today.
  4. HVAC project – Physical Plant will be washing out the AC system. Will start with the old server room. We’ll have to move what items we can out of there. The project is supposed to start next Monday, September 30.
  5. Discussion of security on Com closets. There was a theft in one on campus that 150 people had access to. All network security units are trying to set up auditable access – at the cost of $3000 per door.
  6. Campus and Active Directory – campus meeting called last Thursday by Mike Conlin, Director of Data Infrastructure. We’re up to our ears in ERP – PeopleSoft has not been officially announced yet. UF Admin squash – Active Directory will provide the tool to implement - needs to be up as of November 1st. Should be in synch with the University Directory project. We will all synch with PeopleSoft. How this will all come together in 5½ weeks is unclear. We will not do our Active Directory until we see how this goes.
Review Minutes of 9/16/02
  1. Announcements #1 – bizarre email query was sent to for further investigation.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Order submitted by Erich for AutoImager software.
Support Issues and Liaisons
  1. Red Alert mechanism – tool to hook into PAULA. Will be used to alert and define a major outage. It will be like a panic button on PAULA. It will inform all of Systems if a building is down, public user authentication is out, printing down, etc. If the emergency occurs in off hours, call someone at home. If you learn of the problem, it is your responsibility to make sure the panic button has been activated and/or check on the status. All of the Systems staff will be able to activate it. Whoever solves the problem will be responsible for un-checking the panic button.
  2. Laptop config: ALEPH software – there are two different sets of records – UF and Ex-Libris. The Video East laptop has only the UF records. Need to add the Ex-Libris records. We’ll try to put the access to these ALEPH records on all of our checkout laptops. These records are being used for training purposes. Uninstall on this version does not exist. There was one on the 14.2 version. Current version is 15.2. There have been patches to it, but no upgrade planned. In the long term, through one client you can view other institutions’ data. Rich will check for verification on this. The installation of the test data can take 5 minutes or several days. Problems include refusing to load or taking forever – getting halfway through then it dies, loading – but not accessing the datasets. Could be a machine problem – cause needs to be tracked down – Bill suggests that Geoffrey talk to FCLA. Rich will help.
  1. We are currently checking user permissions on all folders on all servers! Need to verify that the security is correct. Some procedure (maybe the S Copy Routine) wiped out some folder permissions.
  2. PDC root level – remaining central.
  3. The back up DNS server for UF is located at Rutgers University.
Software Projects Status
  1. PAULA dying/public logoff problem – no word yet.
  2. Online Hardware/Software Forms – need to start testing.
  3. ILLIAD – Big problems last week – updates & changes and the Ariel machine died. It should all be straightened out now.
  4. Trouble Ticket improvement – it now prints the requestor’s name and phone number on the email notification.
  5. Cynthia is working on a special report for Web OPS for Barbara Oliver.
  6. IRDB mods – still juggling making improvements.
  7. SQL server user group meeting – attended by the software staff last week. A lot of the topics had been discussed in other classes, but the main topic was the Directory Project. Most people on campus aren’t even aware of it, even though the head tech person in every department is supposed to know. The good news is that the Libraries are much further along in preparing for it.
  8. DLC – Ying wonders if Erich has requested Analyzer Plus software. No, he has not. He says if he doesn’t purchase it then he wants Ying to write software that will function like it – it works on the Access database (handles multi-user very poorly).
  9. Winston upsized Jack Water’s RS Statistics to SQL SVR 2. Had to make to minor changes to queries.
  10. Jaime Beserock’s database ran out of room on the NT. Her own system was not backed up and corrupted. It is not really multi-user. It’s basically a mess.
Web Projects
  1. Standards & Guidelines are available online to look at and implement. Statistics server – has been working for a whole week. Will points out that the backup can’t do LiveStats. Could be the backup that’s killing it. Bill wants it backed up. Suzy notes LiveStats is not Red Alert material.

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