Systems Staff Meeting Notes 09/09/02

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
September 9, 2002

Present: Rich Bennett, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng
  1. All of the software programmers are out at a SQL training session this week.
  2. No one in Systems attended the FISH training.
  3. Bill has increased the number of rings on the Systems phone to 6 before the automated attendant answers.
  4. Wild opening week in the NFL this weekend – 3 OT games.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. No massive orders yet. We can expect to get as much FCLA money as we usually do. Monies will be available.
  2. Gateway E4200’s are dying off. May spend much of the allocated money on replacements.
  3. Still no change in the mandatory Director review policy for orders.
  4. We have plenty of back-up Visors on the shelf now.
  1. Outage in West on Sunday – public and staff workstations – no outside access. There was a reconfiguration of the core network router that was finished by 10AM.
  2. Emergency power – 2nd floor West emergency lights are on all the time. This is a new campus-wide policy.
  3. Power in MSL has not been fixed – they may still experience an outage at any time. The cause of the random outages is still undetermined.
  4. Folders moved to NT2R – almost done. NT9 – stuff moved, but not LARS. We will leave it there. NT2 & 3 moves are complete. Still need to move Personnel folders on NT4. Still need to move Resource Services folders on NT9. Need to reshuffle some stuff in the Systems Dept folders.
Software Projects Status
  1. Bill caused a stir by changing his email alias on the Exchange server. Normally, it is identical to the username. When it was changed, Trouble Tickets were unable to be assigned to him and PAULA would not function. SQL and Exchange talk to each other. User name and alias have to be identical for this to happen.
  2. PAULA keeps expiring – no error messages occur. This has been increasing over the past month.
  3. Public Log Off button – it just randomly disappears sometimes. It is an annoyance for the public service people. Could be similar to the PAULA problem.
  4. Both Facilities projects are finished. They do have the capacity to update IRDB. Bill will check with Rob to see if they intend to use it.
  5. SSN purge – Winston has the anticipated routines ready. Now pending outside forces. Unknown how FCLA will handle his. Rich’s personal opinion is that UF should back off until ALEPH is in place. He feels that Martha is leaning that way as well.
  6. Winston had a request from Lori Driscoll to delay patron loads and file updating. Winston called Donna Alsbury at FCLA – she’s checking on this.
  7. Minor mods to Spine Label – they are getting a new set of labels soon.
  8. Minor mods to the Conservation Registry.
  9. IRDB – should be up – still have a problem with the Media ID.
Web Projects
  1. Stat Server – seems to have started working again last week – so, theoretically, it is now working.
  2. Ref Express Divine Upgrade – Eshare became Divine – not sure that it’s necessary to upgrade to 5.5 because 6.0 is coming out soon.
DP Coordinator
  1. Latoya is no longer working for us. Nicole, Laura and Lori are able to cover her shifts, so there will not be a new hire has a replacement.

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