Systems Staff Meeting Notes 08/19/02

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
August 19, 2002

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Fob reminder on the back door – Rich put the sign there as a reminder to use the fob upon exit. It would be prudent for all of us to do the same - otherwise they receive a “forced entry” message on the security system.
  2. Bill attended a meeting where they proposed a new student technology fee: $5 per credit hour each term. The fee will be used to enhance Information Technology (wireless, etc). It still has to be approved by the local Board of Trustees and the legislature. The legislature may balk at this proposal, but UF remains optimistic. According to a recent survey, the Libraries are providing about 40% of the computer labs at UF.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. HP and Dell problems? Betty was trying to access the quote for an HPLJ 1200 and JetDirect 300X on the Dell Web site, but it said that the items were no longer available. Bill thinks it could be a consequence of an ongoing feud between Dell & HP. Betty is going to call the sales rep, Mark Reisman, to see if he can resolve the issue.
  2. Nothing major broken.
  1. Public Printing – Continuing difficulty with Adobe. Equitrac gave us a fix, but it did not work. There are four workstations going to the printer in West that will not work. However, printing is working in AFA. The installation process has been nailed down and can be done quickly (about 12 workstations per hour), but it is still ongoing. We had hoped to get the liaisons to do it by this morning, but that won’t be happening. Systems will probably just need to do the smaller libraries like Journalism and Music.
  2. Net Bios filters were installed this weekend. They appear to be working and should stop the outside attacks. Now you must use VPN tunnel or Web mail to access your mail.
  3. Moving User folders – Will has moved the majority of files off NT2 & NT3. He has not deleted the original ones yet. He is working on the departmental folders – need to fix shares. Will press on to the rest of the servers – will be more like next week for completion.
  4. SP3 is not loading on to the public machines very successfully. Unreadable files are interfering with administrative access. May need to re-flag properties so that local administrators can have free access. SP3 goes by logged in Users access. Should change permissions to groups for the workstation admin. It creates odd permissions problems. There is one security patch that needs to be installed after SP3 (pre-SP4) otherwise you end up having to install it twice. SP3 – domain admin is OK, otherwise it bombs. Rights management problem? May need to set up a group and add Domain Admins and liaisons.
Software Projects Status
  1. Online Requests – available for hardware & software so far – not programming. Winston suggests having the first group of requests that come through keyed in to the new system for further testing. Bill suggests that we wait until the students return and use them. Need to be sure to parade it by the Business Services unit first.
  2. Winston is currently working on the two Facilities projects - should be complete at the end of the month.
  3. DLC – Ying is working on the Tracking Database mods and changes to the Carribean Newspaper Project.
  4. Ariel to SQL – the Systems part is finished; we can declare victory.
  5. ILLIAD upgrade to v.6 seems successful.
  6. UF SSN to UF ID switchover is an active project.
  7. SQL server – service pack 4 and security mods scheduled for tomorrow.
  8. IRDB – one more mod pending.
Web Projects
  1. Deep Metrix – Live Stats – Suzy is corresponding with them – the software is still down – hope to get it back up and running this week.
  2. The UF Web page is now using the Google search engine (instead of InfoSeek). Any Library Web pages that use search need to be changed accordingly. Rich tested it – it’s not perfect, but working well enough.

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