Systems Staff Meeting Notes 07/29/02

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
July 29, 2002

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Systems luncheon outing has been moved to next Monday, August 5 at the University Center Hotel. It is the only day that Martha will be available to attend.
  2. Storage unlimited – a new disk drive was just announced: 200GB, IDE, 31/2 standard form factor, pure mag drive for $400.
  3. UF Finance & Administration rule changes – Bill recently sent a link to the Systems department regarding some administrative changes. Some items of concern: managerial flexibility, USPS moves – promotions and demotions. USPS promotions don’t necessarily mean that you will get a 10% increase – could be only the base salary for that position. If you don’t work out while on probation, they can offer you any other position and if you don’t accept it, you can resign or be dismissed. Probation can stretch indefinitely. Read the rules and get to know them.
  4. No more LMG. From its ashes rises the Library Council. It consists of half as many people as LMG, but all are former LMG members. The council meets once a month and held their first meeting last week. Recap: FY Budget 2003 - $8 million, exclusive of salary. We took an 11% hit on books – will swap money around until we receive the carry-forward money. We’re expecting another 5% call back. If so, things could get amusing. $500,000 is being held out. The Libraries are cautiously hiring. Travel budget – big discussion - $57,000 in reserve. Department chairs will need to use more discretion – no more than $800 per person. Our travel is almost always Official Business – that comes from another pot, so this doesn’t really impact us. Annual statistics will be in spreadsheet form this year. Strategic planning – survey of Library services – had a 50% return rate. Most items on the list were difficult to interpret the response. Committees are set to review the evaluation process for Faculty and A&P. Library West/new building progress – the projected size was too big – would upset the aesthetics – can only be 21,000 square feet and only three stories high. Unclear if it will be attached to the back of West, although it was designed for that. Due to lack of space, storage areas like LAD would still have to exist. We’ll have one million volumes off site in storage somewhere. Site may need to be browse-able and open to the public. Groundbreaking will not be this fall. The project is back to the drawing board. Parking will hopefully exist for a while longer!
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Orders have sort of been proceeding. Anything new has to be approved of by Dale. Replacement parts do not.
  2. The UPS in MSL died this morning. Need to replace.
  3. Systems copier is down.
  1. Have not made the announcement about screen saver lock ups yet.
  2. Update reboot – sign-on permissions.
  1. Backup problems – Will to fix on Wednesday when the current backups are complete.
  2. ITAC-NI NT filtering will start on August 18. NetBios at the Internet POP.
  3. Bobbie is busy throwing away old media.
  4. New Xerox printing and copying to start in West next week. Software for the printing was given to Bill. He downloaded and installed it, but cannot get it to work. The release station would not talk to the server. Fortunately Xerox is totally responsible for the installation. Printing will now be W2K and there will be a new server. Unsure if it will have a backup, but the two that now exist (in the vault and server room) will go away. The price for copies is going up to $.13½ - a $.3½ increase from the $.10 price set in May. Patrons will require new cards – old ones will be refunded. Security will still be set up and the public machines and probably will be altered with this setup. We will be responsible for fixing that. The Xerox installation team is supposed to be onsite for 4-6 weeks. We now have a new contract with them – we pay a flat fee and share the revenue. There will now be fewer printers, less color & the copiers will change as well. The scale back is based on the experience to date.
Software Projects Status
  1. Hilton is working on the final stages of IRDB. Should be up and running by next week.
  2. Cynthia – online HW-SW request is just about done. She just needs to work on the programming end of it, and it will be done.
  3. Ying – DLC Tracking DB – she feels they will have more changes. Bill reminds that we need to finish Stage 1 before accepting changes that will go into Stage 2. No “feature creep” allowed.
Web Projects
  1. Suzy had a meeting with outside forces – they are working on a new search engine – Google to replace InfoSeek – as soon as they have a stable beta version they will pass it along to Suzy.
Student and Dept Happenings
  1. Debra is working on the schedule for the fall term. We’ll have four students total – all from the summer and one returning from the spring.
  2. Finals week is next week – the students will start to drop off. There is a two week student drought before the fall classes begin (Aug 26).

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Last updated August 5, 2002
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