Systems Staff Meeting Notes 06/17/02

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
June 17, 2002

Present: Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. The US Soccer team won.
  2. Bill and Suzy saw a lot of Segway people movers in use in Atlanta.
Review Minutes of 6/10/02
  1. Liaisons #1 – ProQuest problem has been solved, need to try AOL.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Orders – Trend AV – whole package with documentation is due; received code via email.
  2. MSL – done, no spare fiber-fed ports available. There is one spare copper port available.
  3. Front desk monitor configuration – they are supposedly going to try the dual setup on the middle monitor.
  1. Account scan attacks – hit last night only on the old Smathers server. Name logged in as was ‘back right’. It is probably not coming from within the building. There is not much else that we can do about the problem. We may look at the cost of prohibiting all sessions. We would not know what could break until we made the change. It is not an attractive solution. Printing should not be relying on all sessions.
  2. Gopher problem – the hassle with it is not strictly going to the site. We don’t want to turn off services. Rich content email can bring a link to it through. It is simply browser-related. Microsoft released patches as of today. Hopefully we can get a general patch out by Friday.
  3. Security – the time check is built into Win XP:
Software Projects Status
  1. Finished with Ref Express – will demo to Jana when she returns from ALA.
  2. Automated Systems Request – hardware and software request online.
  3. IRDB – work still in process.
  4. Stephanie Haas – map interface to OPAC (online public access catalog) – using search URL - it works but would like us to develop a way to supply the URL to search the OPAC interface and tool. This will depend on the amount of work needed to develop it. This is the public side of LUIS/ALEPH. Bill is set to talk to Stephanie on Wednesday.
  5. API – be on the lookout - it will be released by Information Services in July. Will start using it in December – new UF ID system.
Web Projects
  1. Stat Server – it will not run with the current version of SQL. It does not have enough processor speed. It is on a Dell 4300 – we could add another processor and take it to 800. Will talk to Dell to find out about it. There is an architectural limitation with SQL 7 – big integer type – pointing where it cannot do range. We will not be upgrading to SQL2L anytime soon.
  2. Suzy attended a very interesting seminar on Comics and the Libraries at ALA. Libraries are now taking comics seriously – “graphic novels”. Some of the paper they are printed on is really beautiful. Some of the comics in Libraries are serials, some are standalones and some are classics. Also discussed anime – disposable artform. Suzy says it was by far the best ALA event.

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