Systems Staff Meeting Notes 06/10/02

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
June 10, 2002

Present: Rich Bennett, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Mike Tyson was knocked out.
  2. Tuesday & Wednesday June 11 & 12 – Ariel event on campus – Rich & Bill will be out.
  3. ALA this week – Suzy, Bill & Rich out Thursday-Friday.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. No more mass orders to go out this fiscal year.
  2. Trend Anti-virus for servers – NeatSuite has been ordered. It includes the server anti-virus, scan mail, and Office Scan Desktop – all under one pricing. Bill expects to receive the key to arrive via email today. We may be able to install it this afternoon. We will be removing McAfee from the servers at that point.
  1. Hassles with West public machines accessing ProQuest (electronic access database). It will not work on a handful of workstations. We tried switching IP’s and switch ports, but it did not help.
  2. Access & AOL – started not working on machines in this area as well. It works consistently on the Reference machines, however. AOL may be trying to write somewhere we don’t allow.
  3. Ref front desk monitor dilemma - they are still stewing on the issue. Will try a second monitor for dual display on the middle computer at the desk. They are concerned that the staff will be unable to be seen behind the monitors.
  1. Wiring in MSL – is complete. Need to change copper to fiber feed and hook up switches. SAN for MSL will be transported over this week, installed next week.
  2. Kleez virus is still active – sending items under staff names – Dale was impersonated.
  3. Facilities – Will is working on the security servers. One is on the network, but D4 says it’s not. He needs to tinker with it more. Might be a conflict with XP – can always try a different time management tool.
Software Projects Status
  1. Sanborn maps aka maps server – graphic interface – longitude & latitude – need more info. Ying met with Erich on Wednesday, he had cancelled the meeting with Dot & Hope. He said there is no funding for the project at this time – we’ll just postpone it for now – keeping the current design as is.
  2. File Sort mods – problem with it last week – Hilton is requesting more information.
  3. Florida Historic Map database – has been completed for Jim Cusick.
  4. Farris Bryant archive – Hilton is working on it. Dale is demoing it to Bryant’s relative on Thursday.
  5. Sanborn – in progress – data entry software.
  6. Archives – done.
  7. Ariel to SQL server – Access Services – Winston met with Hang & Max – they are experimenting with it & will get back to him about it.
  8. Current Net – is available the Web – challenged response.
  9. New Trouble Ticket mods – multi doc interface. Hilton is making similar mods to IRDB in his spare time.
  10. Susan Lupi – Patron Registration Program – Winston had to recompile – it is done.
  11. Cynthia is working on Net Agent add-ons for Jana.
  12. David Fuller has requested an upgrade to the new version of ILLIAD.
Web Projects
  1. Stat server was re-imported, the database rebuilt. It worked for a couple hours, reports ran, then it was corrupted again. LiveStat recommends that we upgrade to the next version (its free). Suzy is checking into it. The upgrade has SQL tie-ins and they recommend that the logs be maintained on a separate server. Stat server logs need to be on a big boy – they are huge and grow infinitely. It would have to be integrated with our SQL server. We can’t get the Web server to write to the SQL server – this is why Suzy wants to take a closer look at it.
DP Coordinator
  1. SELMA – students’ names and schedules are made available to staff. Suzy’s student is omitted.
  2. End of fiscal year, July 4th holiday – all forthcoming. Be ready for confusing timecards.

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