Systems Staff Meeting Notes 05/13/02

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
May 13, 2002

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Ying has not yet returned to badminton.
  2. Cynthia is keeping (not selling) her Star Wars tickets.
  3. Junk and adult mail facility in Outlook can be set up to block out listed sites. It can be set to permanently delete them or just move them to your Delete box. Can be accessed in a variety of ways: ‘organize my files’, go to Tools and turn off personalized menus under junk mail or look for ‘junk mail’ under help.
  4. Network Services – midnight Saturday night they discovered one of our workstations being invaded – it had NIMDA and Code Red. A student was running a Web server from this workstation. The workstation was not current with service packs or security patches. It has been removed from the network. NERDC only had the IP address and the Systems IP mapping was out-of-date. When we went to Reference to try and track it down, everyone over there was in a meeting. Bill stresses that any meeting can be disturbed for a network crisis. Need to make sure that liaisons have an active, updated list of IP’s. While over there, Geoffrey accessed Jami Beserock’s machine – her door was open, the machine was on and access was wide open. People need to be made aware to lock up their computer when it is not in use. May put screen savers on a 3-minute timer, set to lock. Bill will send out an announcement to the liaisons this afternoon.
  5. People need to keep up to date on all virus patches and updates. Viruses are constantly hitting campus. Need to find ways to drive this fact home to people. If anyone can think of ways to raise staff diligence in this regard, please let Bill know.
  6. Bobbie has been finding that a lot of machines are not set up correctly. Erroneous DNS numbers are common. 16.3 is the alternate DNS. She is finding many machines with the file and print sharing turned on. At the moment, this is not prohibited for W2K.
Review Minutes of 05/06/02
  1. RE: Nets #4 – China Syndrome attack threats – Blake Landor has received more email originating from Chinese sites (mainland & Taiwan) – it is spoofing AOL addresses.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Another 30 workstations are on order. No allocation list yet.
  2. Trying to get a quote for Trend network service virus protection for the servers.
  3. New HP 2200D printers – will have to buy drivers to make them work. The ones for this printer are not available for downloading.
  1. Have had some complaints about dial-up access. NERDC is changing out some servers – they changed ASP-1 this weekend. We may see some weirdness. Rich noticed that the NERDC login screen has changed. Dean’s Menu should be Web-based in the future. Hopefully within two years we will be off the mainframe – no more 3270 sessions.
  2. STP – switch to production for the Library Management System. May 2003 is the current switch date for ALEPH.
  3. Had a problem with NT2R over the weekend. It was restarted but it did not fail-over public profiles. Will needs to check the cluster manager. Profiles now total 15M, maybe we should move them to NT4? Will says it will only take a couple of days to fix – could have it done by Wednesday. If the move needs to happen, the next down time is Memorial Day weekend (Sunday only) and the intercession between Summer A & B.
  4. Power in MSL – signed off on it Thursday, now the time to get it done needs to be scheduled.
  5. Wiring order for MSL with Digital – have not heard from them, need to check on status. Will change copper to fiber and get the public area back to the closet. Shelf unit will be 24-port. There may be some disruption while the work is being done.
Software Projects Status
  1. Project to integrate IP addresses from the HSS database to ours – not yet started.
  2. DLC – Ying is finishing Florida History Maps this week.
  3. ODB – James Cusick had a permissions problem.
  4. Sanborn Collection – Ying to start on it soon.
  5. Hilton is working on the Bryant database (CD Listing program) for DLC.
  6. Hilton is also working on IRDB - modifying modal dialog boxes.
  7. Bill has a short list of mods for IRDB and Tickets.
  8. Cynthia – Current Net now has a Web interface. Cynthia will send out the URL to access it. Security on it requires user id & password. Bill says the address is too high up, need to change location.
  9. Cynthia is working on the Web version of Hardware Request forms.
DP Coordinator
  1. Student should be starting today. One student had a class change, so their schedule is being revamped. Debra will get the student user ids to Ying so she can set them up with access to PAULA & SELMA (since Winston is out).

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