Systems Staff Meeting Notes 03/25/02

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
March 25, 2002

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Geoffrey Stewart
  1. Geoffrey saw a cool accident on Newberry Rd. No one was hurt, but two pickup trucks T-boned.
  2. Will power-washed his house this weekend.
  3. Email outage last week – NT2 was out of space. Had to move log files to another server. The Backup Exec backups were not deleting the log files. The log files were taking up space, but it seems as though somebody had done something to take up a lot of space – it went from 1GIG of space to zero in a matter of hours. We will soon be making an announcement soon regarding what staff can & cannot do with public folders.
  4. Water cooler is broken. Water is not flowing through the faucets. Culligan will bring a temporary loaner cooler tomorrow and see if they can fix the broken one.
  5. NT12 (RAID) had a drive failure over the weekend. It did continue working. A warranty replacement drive is on order from Dell. We will also be purchasing one to keep on the shelf.
  6. NT8R problems – generalized to clustering. Will found that the network cards were not working. He evicted the clustering and had to rebuild – including the Quorum. Clustering is the CPU version of RAID – every change has to be done by hand, in parallel. Geoffrey notes that copying the hives will work.
  7. Hooded middle-school trespassers in West – playing games on the computers in West & MSL. Two of the kids already had trespassing warrants and were arrested – the other two now have warrants issued against them. Mostly they were using machines where the ID was left signed on, but in one case a lost UF ID card number was found and memorized by one of the perpetrators. The lost card has since been cancelled & the true owner has been reissued a new card.
  8. ALA is fighting filtering in public libraries.
  9. March 28 – ITSA Day at the Reitz Union – many of the Systems staff may be required to go.
Review Minutes of 3/11/02
  1. Homework – list of Library servers – was a good lesson – helped Rich distinguish which server (NT12) was beeping over the weekend. Discussion regarding posting the list on the Web – could be a security hole – will post a list internally.
  2. Geoffrey found a USB fault with Grace’s scanner.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Most of the recently arrived Dells are still not allocated (no distribution list).
  2. Spanner bits, SAN, scanners, 27 new Dells for the classroom – all on order. We need to get the machines we have distributed to make room for the incoming orders.
  3. Mac issues in DLC – dead hardware and software configuration problems: two large data transfers via USB – digital camera and jazz drive – ate themselves. Need a way to transfer large files between Mac & PCs. This is currently an ongoing problem.
  4. SEMCO system in Preservation – John Humphrey reported that the alarm was activated & the unit was not working – Will reset the APC, it started working and the alarm was silenced.
  1. PSITC meeting – review of the public W2K rollout:
    • Some departments need a place to save large files on the HD (Maps, Docs).
    • Need a larger log off button – it is not obvious enough for the masses. It has also been reported to migrate behind the screen and disappear. People think they are logging off when the simply close all of the windows.
    • MSL wants to go back to the timer for email – this will be a challenge.
  1. Major GatorLink problem over the weekend – protocol failure. They backed off the changes they were making and are regenerating the indices.
  2. Network browse problem still exists.
  3. May buy central defrag, but it will be expensive.
  4. Server room in MSL – cage solution – Will responded that he preferred not to do this, but the problem is that building walls, AC issue, etc. complicate the matter
Software Projects Status
  1. Personnel printer problems – Evelyn was trying to printout OPS pay list – all that would print was the title page. Bill was able to get it to print to our printer so she could get the checks out. The program the report uses is an old version of Crystal Reports & it is not W2K compatible. Winston is still diagnosing the problem – he has a two-week window until next pay period. He will probably remove these reports from Crystal Reports and convert them to Quick Reports since they are not too complicated.
  2. FlimLog – phase 2B, final task. Hilton is producing an output file of Gus’ filming report for statistics. This will be our first XML output.
  3. Personnel OPS Data Extension – demoed – Personnel was very excited, even brought in Steve Shorb to view it. This may eliminate longitudinal record retention. Will be completed this week.
  4. Will got an email from Rob Roberts regarding SoftSite 32 software on the security machines – registry edit on the local machine. Will to check settings.
Web Projects
  1. Suzy has been invited to speak to a Library group: SPIT (Strategic Planning Implementation Team) – will speak about how the Web fits in to the Library system.

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