Systems Staff Meeting Notes 02/18/02

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
February 18, 2002

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. East power outage – still scheduled for Sunday, March 3rd.
Ongoing Systems Updates
  1. Order for 30 Dell Dimensions shipped last week – should be here by Friday at the latest. Need to check with Betty to make sure that inside delivery is specified. No distribution list will be generated – these are replacement machines. Access Services needs one. We may mothball these – it’s each department’s call as to how they are used.
  2. New machines for the security system – may need a faster processor. It takes twice as much processor as indicated in the specs – need 4 to 5 frames per second – 25 cameras per server – 2 servers. Bill will come up with the fastest configuration.
  3. SAN backup/replication – Will has quotes – will probably go with a separate server. We were going to keep NT5. We need to figure out the power and layout of the room. Ashcraft & Drum need to confer with Will. Will wants to cord off part of the room. Bill says to get power started in that room immediately. Will have user folders in two places.
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Major purchases needed – SCSI cards, cables, etc. Bill has instructed Geoffrey to make a list of the SCSI cables that are needed. We want at least two of each on the shelf.
  2. 20 GIG drives on order.
  3. Need a list of needed purchases ASAP – some money is available. Let Bill know what you need – but we don’t want to hoard too much on the shelf. Would like to avoid the buy-ahead for one year.
  4. Need one more fiber switch.
  5. Software development, editing – need CD-RW drives and Roxio Easy CD Creator for each.
  6. DVD Writer – formats are not standard, for backup purposes we might be able to justify.
  1. Public W2K – MSL complained that COWS1 could sign onto NT5. Two-thirds of MSL’s public machines are converted. WINSHIELD requires COWS1. E4200 image was delivered to MSL on Friday – other areas already had it. MSL has 3 full-time IT employees, yet there seems to be a hold-up with the their conversion. MSL image requirements are different & the changes are causing them problems. John Ashcraft did not want help – Geoffrey signed off on it. Bill says this all needs to be fixed and fixed now. Everyone needs to be flexible.
  2. Classroom 148 has not been converted. All who use the machines in there have to register.
  3. The only unauthenticated workstations that are not W2K are at MSL. Geoffrey says it’s due to Netscape. Geoffrey told them about Nice-N-Tidy last Wednesday.
  4. Authentication backup is in progress. Winston checked machines on Friday. Not all have the logoff script. Version 2.5, not 2.6 does have it. All machines should have it.
  5. Group Policy Editor – line does not go across in the image. LAC is done – over 50% have it. It provides for local authentication. Backup authentication currently falls back to the last FCLA update. This could be as much as a week old. It is only a fallback.
  6. Kiosk sign-on had problems and is now completely broken. Geoffrey will make the kiosk sign-on TN3270 rather than WebLuis as suggested by Gary Cornwell. User kiosk is another fall back. It’s only a temporary solution.
  7. Winston noticed some non-standard applications – ICQ default language was Spanish. It needs to be re-imaged. Power User changes – now standard users will allow Xerox printing. There will still be Web sites that will get around the security. Logoff wipes the profile. Nice-N-Tidy can’t do it – must wipe the NTUSER.dat file. This will require a re-boot. Time lag would offset – if so, may want to autolog WUSER. Will hold off on both of these – the amount of trouble will be the decisive factor.
  1. Master browser 239 subnet is now Will’s monkey – he is using Browstack.
  2. WSID 1939 in Education is winning the Master Browser election. The W2K box in West should win the election.
  3. Mailbox backups – going well – except two folders: Marcia Pearce and Internet Connections.
  4. Winston is working on converting SQL7 to run under W2K.
  5. Central defrag – will need to do it for the security servers. One did defrag, the other did not completely defrag. Will do an individual workstation copy for this.
  6. NT4 rebuilding – Will suggests we change it to 239 subset – Bill says absolutely not!
  7. Virus scanning for laptops – still have stand-alone. McAfee solution – Office Scan does have a laptop option.
  8. Public printing – Xerox meeting tomorrow – Will suggests they upgrade the print release stations (they are currently Win’95). Xerox is looking at dumping ITC (or so Geoffrey heard). Users still have full access to print – major security hole – can make printing free or delete it. Queries – server is set for everyone, full control. Mixed bag on jet directs & Xerox public printing.
Software Projects Status
  1. Version 2.6 Verify Patron.
  2. SQL server to be upgraded to W2K.
Web Projects
  1. Still wrestling with the new Web server.
  2. Box is ready for storage – RS & ILL. Cynthia is almost finished with the application – prototype, not yet.

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