Systems Staff Meeting Notes 02/11/02

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
February 11, 2002

Present: Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Geoffrey got his new BMW motorcycle. It is marvelous and happiest going between 70-90 MPH.
Review Minutes of 2/4/02
  1. Announcements #3 – East Power Outage: rescheduled for Sunday, March 3 – 7AM till noon. This will be the Sunday before Spring Break begins. We’ll encourage them not to open that day.
  2. Announcements #2 – Kinetic Art Exhibition: the live pigeon cage had been declined by other departments prior to Systems.
  3. Orders #1 – we’re not ordering 4300’s (no longer available) – we have modified the order to Dell Dimension 4400’s. NIC will be installed; we’ll add more memory. Debra has received the PO from Purchasing for the order.
  4. Orders #2 – SAN order did not go out last week.
  5. Equipment RIR #1 - John Van Hook’s machine: replaced the disk drive and it seems to be performing much better. It has not needed the motherboard replaced yet. Geoffrey notes that his machine came in new with the disk drive DOA. It has already had one HD swapped out. Could be that maybe it eats HD?
Ongoing Systems Updates
  1. Public W2K Rollout – Geoffrey reports that Paul Losch logged in a trouble ticket asking if we had an image or profile for turning PC’s into dumb terminals for LUIS – without ID screens. Bill says no – just 3270 sessions. We would have to strip down the machine to only 3270 - not a very smart thing to do, really. It would be undesirable on all fronts. Will refer Paul to speak with Bill.
  2. W2K Rollout in MSL – rolling out the E3000’s. Geoffrey informed them that the rest are available for download on the IC3 server. They projected that they could do about eight per day. Geoffrey will check to see if they are meeting that spec. Images have been available since last Friday, but the Xerox software required changes. 4200, GX110 & GX100 images reflect the corrections.
  3. GX100’s were rolled out in Government Docs & they work fine. They are also doing their email like West – bypassing the proxy server.
  1. Backups – working better, but not 100%. Still having permissions problems.
  2. Network Browse Function – central workstation administration – problems in the domain, all machines not showing up in the browser. Those showing have network paths; those that don’t show have no paths. The problem is spread across subnets and fades in and out. Cause is unknown, maybe patch related. Need to solve the problem – this could effect central defrag, virus updates, print and administrative sharing.
  3. Melody Royster – Has a dead primary IDE channel. Her machine is out of warranty. The motherboard is floating in and out. We’ll assign her a new machine from the new ones we’ve just ordered, but scavenge the memory from her current machine.
Software Projects Status
  1. Special Collections prototype was demoed to John Ingram. He was pleased and excited. They’ve been informed that we need more specs to make it real. John hopes to have it up and running by the start of the fall semester. ANCHOR: Access to Non-Circulating Resources.
  2. DLC – Sanborn project ongoing – working on the database and diagrams. Ying is writing the application for data input. Erich may want to expand the project to include indexing – he’s not happy with FCLA’s work on it. Erich wants a plug-in for the images. This project may be used as a vehicle to get the basics down. It is in competition with other places.
  3. FilmLog – Hilton has finished phase two – the document duplication section. Having a problem with access to the ATC tables to fill in the Titles, Authors, etc. The .dbf’s need a temporary file – the default is where the TEMP files are – now it’s changed to point to the server. It may have broken because of fragmentation on the server. The server needs to be upgraded to W2K, in any event. This would bring down public authentication – need to have an alternative location in place by that time.
  4. Special Collections can be moved to ‘Pending Outside Forces’.
  5. HSS/IR – Jami Beserock won the Davis Service Award for the database – now they want to export it to AC and IFAS.
  6. Michael Jay & RS Acquisitions have requested a similar database – Winston will review.
Web Projects
  1. Server migration – need to solve the InterDev problem before the final move. IIS base directory is now called TOP – it used to be WebDirs. The base URL with filename should go directly to the folder. May need to change the configuration on InterDev. Will check to see if the directory path is defined.
  2. ILL/Access Content Site – Cynthia is working on applications to supply name & password. Theoretically, we should not be keeping the files for the long term data retention – should lose it within two weeks.

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