Systems Staff Meeting Notes 02/04/02

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
February 4, 2002

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Rule of order in the universe has been repealed: Patriots beat the Rams. Geoffrey notes that it’s the first time that a field goal has determined the outcome of a Superbowl game.
  2. Kinetic Art Exhibit – OHS ordered the pigeons off the roof of Peabody, now he is bringing them to us.
  3. Power Outage in Library East this Sunday – 7:00AM till noon. Where the power will go out is unknown. Web and mail servers could possibly go down.
Ongoing Systems Updates
  1. Order for 30 Dells is going out. We’ll install RAM & NICs – no speakers. Allocation is unknown at this time.
  2. SAN – Order will go out this week. It will be the backup to NT2R. It will not be clustered, no tape drive and will be located in a locked cabinet in MSL 206 (this has been cleared with Carol Drum).
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. John Van Hook’s computer – Bill took it down to the bare metal and determined that it probably needs a new motherboard.
  1. Public W2K rollout – MSL has not converted yet. Geoffrey notes that they are upgrading to a new version of the Patron Update. John told Bobbie that he is waiting for the images that Geoffrey has. Geoffrey notes that the images are currently available on the server. Bobbie informed him of this on Friday. Bill wants MSL to be converted ASAP.
  2. E-Reserves workstations in MSL need to be converted to W2K. It is compatible with FCLA – it is working in West. Pat Crabb has given Melody Royster instructions for it. Education and AFA E-Reserves are not done yet, either.
  3. We had a miscreant attempt to hack in to the public computers in West on Friday. He tried random IDs every four seconds and even asked a student assistant if there was any way he could hack in. He also tried to break into the Com Closet with an alien key fob. He was online looking at abortion rights and the NASA site. As he was leaving, his back was turned and he said, “I hope everyone has a good evening” to no one in particular – but obviously it was directed at staff members who were watching him.
  4. Bill talked with two reporters (Gator Times and the Alligator) about student policies and authentication. He basically told them that we have not heard much complaint regarding the authentication policy.
  1. Individual mail backups seem to be working. There have not been any reports of attachment problems. Hopefully we’ll be able to stop the backups by hand that we’ve been doing.
Software Projects Status
  1. Never had a chance to demo ANCHOR last week. Will try again this week.
  2. DLC – Erich has a new priority – Sanborn Fire Insurance maps. He won his copyright fight.
Web Projects
  1. Content site for ILL/Access Services – Kangaroo drives will be used to transport the information back and forth to LAD. The drives really work great. They are very compact.
  2. Bobbie rebuilt an E3200 to update it to a 10-user server. There is a new critical update for W2K. It is a summary compilation of all the security updates.
  3. Hoping to throw the switch this weekend on the new Web server.

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