Systems Staff Meeting Notes 01/14/02

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
January 14, 2002

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Latest on kinetic art exhibit – live pigeon coop now located on top of Peabody Hall as part of the communication exhibit. Hilton says the coop was knocked over by the winds over the weekend.
  2. End of an era in the Systems department – no more 9-track media will be manufactured. By the last quarter of this year, the last remaining manufacturer will stop producing the media.
Review Minutes of 1/7/02
  1. Update: Education’s power status – Bill received a miffed memo from Facilities – there was a bad power feed on the feeder to a sorority located back behind the Ed Library. Bill inferred that there was a power sag, but what they’re saying is that a whole line was bad for an extended period of time. The line has since been changed & the power is now better. They are, however, still using extension cords over there. No power outlets have been installed.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Orders – Next machine order is not ready yet.
Liaisons and Support Issues
  1. W2K rollout – input/output language packs were not originally installed, but the request has now been made. Geoffrey is installing the module. The key default is set to none, but it can be reset. MSL did not want the language packs due to foreign email use. West prefers it to be installed. Ultimately, the user cannot get to the controls.
  2. User groups to be designated instead of power user groups. Geoffrey has a meeting with Phil from Xerox at 3PM this afternoon. The E3000 image is almost finished, Winston upgraded/updated the patron log off so that it wipes out cookies, directories, etc. The MS setting for logging off is not functioning as it should.
  3. Minor modifications to profiles with screen blanking – user DAT does not control all. There have been some minor glitches regarding power users having too much power. Have not heard many complaints from users – transition seems to be going smoothly. Crunch time may be later once students are required to frequent the Library for class work. After the first six weeks, we should have experienced a decent cross section of the academic community.
  4. HP print servers to replace Ethernet cards. John Long from Xerox should be on campus this week & Bill will meet with him. Their Ethernet cards don’t handle heavy loads very well. May need print pools (NT & W2K can handle this). Many of the print release stations are not upgraded – some are still Win’95!
  1. NERDC has announced that they have a VPN tunnel available – it allows access to the campus network from long distances. Will be useful for our travelers – ALA, etc. W2K, Win’98 & NT can operate through the tunnel. May be able to do the FCLA proxy remotely. Converts to private IP.
  2. Mailbox backup – Will is still working with Veritas. They think it could be the corrupt folders. Will is running the backups now without them. In the mailbox, this is the Marcia Pearce folder. If he finds more, he will exclude them as well.
  3. Central defrag – W2K doesn’t require it, fragmentation relates to file space. We’re erasing the files on the public machine log offs – so it really matters more for staff machines.
  4. All GX110’s are FAT32 – defrag should be run before converting to NTFS. That way the conversion runs better.
Software Projects Status
  1. Public workstation verification – new info for planning.
  2. Special Borrower for Circ should be put to rest.
  3. Special Collections – patron screen for checkout. Is currently in Phase Two. Have made modifications to the program that they were using. Code name will be ANCR (Access to Non-Circulating Resource).
  4. Rich Bennett recently received a request from Special Collections to set up a workstation for access to NOTIS. It is in the works, they will be doing circulation functions. They want to keep the records – “special case”.
  5. IWP data and access software conversion – (International Women’s Project) – the vendor is gone; they have now sent it to us (DLC). It is in a bizarre UNIX file system. Erich wants it converted & made available online. Will use TEI Light DTL. Ticket opened for this project today.
Web Projects
  1. Migration to new server – Suzy is working on rebuilding the structure to mimic the organization while maintaining the old links. It is a large, daunting task that will take at least 1-2 more weeks. Suzy would like to hire a human link checker – it’s a job that needs to be eyeballed.
  2. Web component of ILL document site – LAD document delivery will also be on this machine. ILLIAD date keeps moving. Hinging on Suzy revamping the Library Web site. Could put an individual server out for the ILL storage site and ILLIAD. Since Rich has been appointed as the new guru (UF Project Coordinator) for the new Library Management System (LMS), Suzy Covey will now serve as the Library Web Coordinator. Cynthia Bowker will be the Systems departmental member of a new Web Advisory Group that will be put in place to oversee library Web policy and standards. The Web Advisory Group will be chaired by Suzy Covey.

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