Systems Staff Meeting Notes 12/31/01

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
December 31, 2001

Present: Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Public W2K rollout: Will is burning a new image, needed to do a file menu change in IE and remove the icons for Adobe Acrobat and Trend on the Start Menu. Also needed to change the user access for the print server.
  2. Postscript and audio now work. The homepage behavior of IE is now set correctly (it was going directly to MSN instead of UF). It will exhibit bizarre behavior if you make changes in the group settings. The proxy settings and file menu are now set correctly.
  3. The power saver option must be set to never sleep, never turn off. When you re-image a machine and it has new hardware, it will change the power saver default settings. An administrator has to go in to change the settings.
  4. The screen saver does appear and it is under control. Single-user sign-on is functioning.
  5. WINS problem this morning the log on NT5 showed it was trying to replicate 54.207 and it should not have been. That used to be the old IP for NT7. This morning NT4 could not be found. Geoffrey notes that might account for why the authentication screen for the public area was taking such a long time to come up this morning. We need to find out where that message is coming from.
  6. Public users cant get into the proxy theyre dead in the water. Administrator has to be signed on to get in. It will get to local addresses only. It fails Internet searches without the proxy. Proxy server settings are hard-coded. If changed, they will reset everything.
  7. Once the upgrades and authentication is in place, well be getting lots of calls about IDs not working many will be from student assistants. We will be turning off all back-door sign-ons like COWS1. We have deleted many inactive sign-ons. All generic user sign-ons have been disabled.
  8. Geoffrey is keeping documentation on this whole process in the repair tech docs folder on the server. It contains documentation on machine profiles and policies.
  9. Weekly back-ups failed; no connection to NT8R but its okay now.
  10. Students return on Tuesday, January 8. Were trying to get the public areas upgraded and authenticated by then. West is partially completed at this time. E4200s are in process. Hope to do GX110s today. Will do West & MSL first. Documents department does not want the Web part on the proxy. We may have to kill then re-add theses machines to the domain.
  11. Remote staff stations will have the ID Checker program.

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