Systems Staff Meeting Notes 12/10/01

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
December 10, 2001

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Bill received an update from Microsoft Product Support. Win’95 will be removed from support at the end of this month. Win’98 goes out of support at the end of June 2002, as does WIN NT4. The server version of W2K goes out of support March 31, 2003 (not W2K Professional). Windows XP is the recommended replacement.
  2. Library Holiday Party is Tuesday, Dec. 18 – 3:00-5:00PM.
  3. Systems Staff Holiday Luncheon will be Wed. Dec. 19 at 11:30. Location still undetermined. Martha will be joining us.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Dell’s Order Status Web page indicates that the shipment of 4 Minitowers (DLC) went out last Friday, Dec 7. It also shows that the shipment of 16 Dell Dimensions went out last Thursday, Dec. 6, although when Debra checked the page last Friday, it showed that shipment as in production. The accuracy of the information is dubious, but these shipments may well arrive this week.
Support Issues and Liaisons
  1. General Systems communications – we need to try to emphasize how we communicate here – SYSHELP during the week, phone calls to Bill on the weekends.
  2. Since the one proposed position that helped with Systems coverage on the off hours (Tom Caswell’s old job) is now frozen, Michael Howell will now be trained to perform these functions.
  3. Documentation review – need to look at the documentation on the proxy server and the procedures to follow if it goes down on the weekend. Bill got a call from NERDC this weekend – they had been called by MSL. Library West and FCLA were also called in on this problem. The solution was that Bill came in and rebooted the SQUID server. In addition, we had a report of some printer problems come in via email over the weekend – luckily the problem resolved itself, but normally we are not checking our email for problems on the weekend. Weekend troubleshooting procedures and SQUID documentation for resuscitation need to be addressed.
  1. Backups ran this weekend – the data is there – but an error message says it failed. Winston adds that the SQL server does that as well.
  2. W2K PDC – on Friday, Will started upgrading the main controller to Active directory controller – may not be 100% correct, need to look at DNS. User manager and server manager seem to be working.
  3. Virus scanner – some virus scans were not putting out the current version after installation. We determined that subnet 54 was the only one that was working – it was not passing a port. Turns out, NERDC was arbitrarily blocking the port in order to keep Web traffic down. They will not divulge which ports are blocked; you basically have to guess. NetBus was the reason it was blocked – up through version 1.7, malware can use any port. NetBus is at version 2.1 now. We’ve talked NERDC into permitting only our virus scanner to speak on this port. If moved, we will need to alert NERDC for filtering. As long as the same IP is used, the port will remain blocked.
  4. Power management – all University building thermostats set to 74 degrees, per the Vice President in Tigert Hall. He also said that all machines should be turned off when not in use. We will look into Power Management in W2K.
  5. Workstation lockdown – on hold for W2K PDC. NT4 ACL & ACE’s don’t function with W2K. Local guest has no rights – Winston has provided scripts that wipe out cookies, etc.
  6. W2K upgrades - currently ongoing in four areas. LAC is next on the agenda. Special Collections is still underway. Status of Administration is unknown. ILL is in process, one machine at a time.
  7. The ILLIAD server has not been physically moved.
Software Projects Status
  1. FilmLog/Pres – ongoing
  2. Public workstation ID system – changes done. Timer is being removed. Users will be responsible for logging themselves out. Staff side is being modified – no override, etc.
  3. Special Collections – a program that Brian Burton wrote a long time ago needs updating. They are no longer requiring the same data from patrons. It was using SSN for the primary key. To get around this, Susan uses random primary key generation. Now all that users are required to use their 14-digit number GatorOne numbers, we’ll try to apply that for better tracking.

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Last updated December 17, 2001
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