Systems Staff Meeting Notes 1/05/01

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
November 5, 2001

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart
  1. Systems Halloween – Bill has heard a lot of positive feedback.
  2. Building shifting – the Physical Plant project manager assigned to this case came by to observe. She took some digital pictures of the tracking devices and should be returning on a regular basis to monitor the situation.
  3. Systems shirt orders will be here on November 14.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. We are on the verge of sending out two orders – one will be for really high-end machines for DLC. The other will be for regular machines optimized for W2K.
  1. Geoffrey has a new image for the E4200 out – it corrects the problem ILLIAD had with the other image. Geoffrey will try the GX110 – still trying to get the consistency.
  2. Changing from McAfee to Trend Office Scan virus software – John Van Hook’s machine performance has improved to exceptional with it.
  3. Loadwc.exe – MS file sent as an attachment – it spews 15,000 attachments per second. Server scans won’t catch it – the only way to do so is to ban .exe attachments. From now on, all .exe’s will be deleted from the mailbox automatically.
  4. W2K upgrades – moving to ILL and Library Administration. Kay Haile’s machine in Library Office is having a problem: the boot disk won’t activate the CD. It is probably a BIOS problem. Bobbie tried it with another disk to no avail. HSS will upgrade their last two workstations this week. Preservation has some minor memory upgrades to perform. Hang has two Precision workstations and the LAD laptop left to upgrade. Will proceed to Special Collections for the next group of upgrades.
  5. Public machine upgrades – we’ve alerted the public services groups that we need to upgrade those machines by December. They are adverse to a mix of Win’98 & W2K. Authentication needs to be resolved. Need to get a list of necessary memory upgrades required in those areas before upgrading. Need to make more image disks and square the security issue. This month we’ll be concentrating on getting the hardware installs in place so that the upgrades will be possible.
  6. Server migration – NT8 – IIS, patched and ready to go. Need to proceed due to problems with the Statistics server. Will & Suzy will get together to start the migration. Will is starting the migration of Exchange to NT2R as the second site on the NT2 domain. There is still the issue of Web access in a clustered environment - we’ll have a dummy server just for that. Will do a replication of public folders as a test first.
  7. Apache environmental variables in place for DLC. Site statistics server was restored, no data was lost.
Software Projects Status
  1. Film Log – there’s about 2-3 days worth of changes on Phase 1 – then Phase 2 will be started.
  2. Suzanne Kiker NOTIS order status – Cynthia is working on it – the first version of changes is now operable.
  3. Hilton is helping Lawan to run the Web Link Checker software today and gather the results tomorrow. The shareware piece, InfoLink, which is used, is a 50-run free version. Lawan only runs it once a month. It checks 40,000 links. Our piece of the application translates the result into Excel. Bill advises to check the software license to make sure we qualify for the free version. If we do not and it’s only a $50 purchase, there’s no reason to risk a legal problem by not buying it.
  4. Third party hand-held software installations – should be done by the departmental liaison. It is OK to do, as long as the user has legal permission. The liability is theirs if there is a problem.
  5. Flag banner will cripple machines if installed. It causes conflicts and loss of sound.

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