Systems Staff Meeting Notes 10/22/01

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
October 22, 2001

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Winston reached level 11 three times on Troll.
  2. Bobbie did very well treasure hunting this weekend.
  3. Bill lost his cell phone over the weekend.
  4. Long distance phone calls to Canada or the Caribbean must go through Suncom. If dialing directly doesn’t work, you must call the Suncom operator.
  5. If anyone asks about XP, we’re not thinking about it.
  6. Systems Halloween plans discussed.
Review Minutes of 10/15/01
  1. RIR#3 – Printer strangeness – problems have magically stopped, but there is no explanation as to why.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Received the centrally administered virus scanner. Should get the license key number today so we can start rolling with it. One unit raised concern about disk defrags only being able to be done by liaisons – the software to do it centrally is on the market, we’ll consider getting it.
  2. Nothing major on order.
  3. We've been having some instances of staff sharing passwords, or signing on computers and leaving the sessions active for use by students. In some cases, this has happened even though the students have been issued individual IDs. Need to impress upon people that any problems that arise will be attributed to whomever’s name is signed on to the computer.
  4. Rich points out that on the Reference desk in MSL they’ve been trying to get staff to use individual sign-ons on a machine that has been recently converted to W2K. Everyone has to configure the browser and printer to their own customized desktop. Each user has a profile that they must customize the first time they sign on.
  5. Bill notes he had some weirdness on his W2K machine at home that forgot that he had ever used Outlook before.
  6. Linda Silba had a problem: after she changed her password, the desktop changed and she lost applications. She may have signed on to local and not the network. Suzy is working to resolve this one.
  7. Library Office had a case of lost email on Friday. They removed a personal folder in Outlook. Discussion took place regarding how to emphasize that problems must be sent to SYSHELP and not directly to Systems staff.
  1. Make-up training session from 2-4PM today. Bill asks that Geoffrey make a list of all in attendance.
  1. ISDN burp this morning.
  2. Problem with the Statistics server – it is down and refusing to come back up at the moment. May need to reinstall it.
  3. Bill and Suzy had to come in over the weekend – the Library Web server was down.
  4. Geoffrey notes difficulty in receiving email from outside of the USA. Says it gets rejected here.
  5. SPAM filter – virus scanner – another outbreak of the Nigerian banking scam. Rules Wizard in Outlook can help to filter – it has a lot of flexibility.
  6. W2K conversions – starting Personnel and HSS this week.
Software Projects Status
  1. Public Workstation ID system – pending outside forces.
  2. Suzanne Kiker NOTIS order station – this project is current, Cynthia is working on it. Using a Hummingbird macro/ Delphi combo.
  3. Met with Preservation – discussed adding on to the FilmLog tracking. This is in the beginning stages.
  4. Library Statistics – Steve Shorb has some changes to make – will meet with Hilton, Winston and Jack Waters.
  5. LinkChecker for Lawan – Hilton is looking into it.
  6. Ying is finished with the DLC tracker reports. She has now started working on the Ringling Stage Craft project. It is similar to the Caribbean project – searchable online images.
  7. Winston is working on W2K and ILLIAD – he’s been trying lots of things, the company thinks it should be working. Error messages say that the DLL is missing or there is a corrupted file – but the file is there. Will check to make sure for local administration.

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