Systems Staff Meeting Notes 7/30/01

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
July 30, 2001

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. No word on the new conference table.
  2. Anyone interested in Boxer puppies? Bobbie knows of ten that are available.
  3. The vault door is working again, thanks to PPD workers grinding on the door threshold and shims.
  4. No lingering damage from the building crash Friday evening at about 5:10 PM. The fire alarm system went off during the height of the afternoon storm.
  5. Suzy has a leak behind her bookcases that needs to be reported.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Ten machines received from Dell last week. They tried to deliver them after 3PM a couple of times, but we refused to accept them. Eventually Facilities signed for them and they ended up having to cart them over to Systems. They now reside in the vault. We are struggling with the distribution list.
  2. Two machines were apparently stolen from Facilities in November – but it was not reported – now they are considered ‘lost’. One monitor was found upstairs on the 4th floor.
  3. Backup Exec software – order delivered to Barbara on July 2nd – no word on status. Debra to follow-up to make sure it has been ordered.
  1. Liaisons will have a choice whether they want W2K or Win’98 on the new machines.
  2. Conversion of existing staff machines to W2K to start in Music next week.
  1. We were hit with two nasty viruses last week. The pattern fits the way the rest of the nation has been hit.
  2. The three viruses to watch out for right now are: Red Code, Majester and SirCam.
  3. Red Code – a resurgence of this is expected. It is a worm virus that infects machines, IIS, then hits the White House. This is done by IP addresses. Could be actual attack software – electronic warfare at the guerilla level.
  4. SirCam – is a polymorphic, heuristic scan – it modifies itself and changes its attachment filters. There seems to be no abatement, has hit Australia, Canada, USA. Pay Pal, VISA, City Bank all show as senders. Mail attached is in pif, pid or jpg format. It looks like a purchase confirmation.
  5. Majester – hits mail and network shares – peer to peer – makes a machine like a mini server then everyone with a share gets hit.
  6. Our mail server is grinding to its knees – it is spending all its time filtering out viruses. Email could conceivably just plug up by spending all its time trying to wipe out the viruses. It is, indeed, a plague.
  1. Server backup problems – will try to fix.
  2. W2K upgrades via the server – we should be ready to go. Geoffrey has a method worked out if the upgrade from the server fails.
  3. Systems Dept upgrades are not complete – Suzy & Rich still need to upgrade.
  4. MSL & HS&S have opted for fresh installs.
  5. Severe server congestion – we’re trying to fix it. NT8 is not online yet, can’t use the new boxes because we can’t back them up (no Backup Exec yet).
  6. Need to get the NT8 – ILL Content server up this week.
  7. DLC – Erich wants to sell his product by IP – Bill won’t let him – need a way to restrict – digital certificate.
  8. Office XP -pending.
  9. Budget resources unknown – currently repairing old machines, not buying new.
  10. Conflicting IPs on the increase – Bobbie had four reports last week & was unable to find the conflicting machines. People are not keeping us updated with MAC addresses. We need to put inventory control software on them. Will try to track the conflict through switches.
Software Projects Status
  1. Slogging through the Glue code for DLC – three things are hung up – research is being done on stored procedures for macros.
  2. Link checker for Lawan Orser – testing Web pages for broken links. The checker is only giving time-outs, it is a database maintenance thing. Bill says to give her the commercial software & try to improve upon it. ILLIAD installation to take place next week. Should be going on NT3 and/or NT4.

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