Systems Staff Meeting Notes 6/11/01

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
June 11, 2001

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Suzy Shaw, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Geoffrey adopted 2 abandoned kittens over the weekend.
  2. Security – door problems: north tower door was not locking at all & was chained in order to be locked shut. The south tower door (left side) is not closing all the way on it’s own. Facilities is working on the problem.
Review Minutes of 06/04/01
  1. Vision session – Rich attended, reports that the main idea is to get everyone involved in thinking about the future of the Libraries. The Thursday morning session was well attended. Staff members participated in group exercises to generate ideas. There will be an all-Library meeting on June 21 to report on the data from the Vision sessions.
  2. Nets #3 – email attachments - no problems reported since backup exec.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Contrary to last meeting’s minutes, MS Office XP will be forthcoming, hopefully at the same time as W2K. We will be purchasing the licenses shortly.
  1. W2K & Office XP issues – will need to advise the Liaisons on the process. Martha is saying she wants both in place by August.
  1. Virus Oddity – Rich was sent a virus this morning – it made it past the virus scanner on the server, but the server reported that it had been caught & destroyed. It was stopped, but somehow got around the server. It was scanned and removed later without notifying anyone. It was a standard joke virus – how it made it through is unclear. We’re currently running a manual scan. In the meantime, this serves as a reminder to keep the desktop scans up-to-date.
  2. I-POP inbound swamped – probably an active attack. Had to shift to BellSouth active POP.
  3. Systems has been trying to run the automatic Win2K upgrade. Initially, it worked well on Will’s machine. Bobbie upgraded OK, but today she is getting a warning. Geoffrey’s drives are all whacked – his machine had a complete meltdown & he is unable to install it right now. Could be a BIOS problem? Hilton’s upgrade asked for a file from the W2K CD. Then it asked for files not on the CD. Could have run into problems because of the developmental tools on his machine. Andy’s old machine (was Win’98) is not picking up the network settings. Cynthia was the first to use Partition Magic, and her upgrade went OK.
  4. Server migration – W2K server brought to West and put on subnet 239 to fix the WINS server/browser problem.
  5. Need to figure out the lockdown on public machines when they go to Win2K – replacing WinShield and Centurion Guard.
  6. Security servers in West have been logging off the network & not finding the Network Neighborhood or Internet access. They have been locking up, Rob Roberts has asked why – Will hasn’t looked at them today, but he will check the logs.
Software Projects Status
  1. DLC – Winston observed their process of getting items in – scanning, etc. – and identified opportunities to create software to help them out. Should not take long, Melody has already created some for them in PERL.
  2. New version of PAULA was put out last week – it is now the same as the Web version.
  3. Public WS ID system - Mag card reader – Winston got permission from Information Systems in Tigert to access their database.
  4. Winston is working on making the Trouble Tickets multi-user friendly.
  5. IRDB mods – ongoing.
  6. Suzy discovered that the Outlook Calendar limits (to 11) the number of people that can be recorded as out on a given day.

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