Systems Staff Meeting Notes 3/19/01

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
March 19, 2001

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Suzy Shaw, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Winston got a new computer over the weekend - an Emachine for $400! He also has the Cox high-speed connection now.
  2. Building cracks - we've been told to stop worrying; the steam tunnels that were recently removed had heated the floors of the vaults, causing them to expand - and now the structure is in a cooling effect and that is causing it to settle. They will keep on eye on it, but according to the experts, there is nothing really wrong.
  3. Windows 2K Training - Will Chaney will be out for two days this week, either at the Health Center or the Livestock Pavilion.
  4. The Library Personnel office is being refurbished. They are temporarily located in room 220A. The old office should be in line for wiring abatement.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. We're getting ready to order a major work station for the DLC: 1.5 GHZ, Pentium IV, 1 GIG RAM (that can expand to 2 GIG) with a firewall port. The work station is to go along with the high speed color scanner that was recently purchased for the production staff. Cost will run between $6,000-$7,000. Hope to have the order go out today and arrive fairly soon.
  2. Wireless - all of the necessary parts should be ordered. Every floor of the stacks (except one) will have the wireless system. There should be enough overlap of the signal to actually cover the stacks on all floors.
  3. No new Dell orders have been placed. Expect one more order to go out before the end of the fiscal year.
  4. A lot of people have been subscribing to virus notification lists and passing along all warnings to Systems.
  5. There's a fairly massive automated spam for laser toners going around. Bill tracked it down to Rules wizard makes kill files very easy - people may want to look into that.
  6. There have also been an increase in phone scams - we had a 'vendor' pushing printing products by phone last week. It was undoubtedly a boiler room operation.
  1. Journalism - wiring is complete, false walls are in place, old wiring has been abandoned but not abated.
  2. West - room 124 Com Closet - Geoffrey discovered the temperature in there to be 95-98 degrees. Facilities is now working on cooling it down. They plan to cut a hole in the ceiling so the air conditioning will penetrate as well as putting a grate in the door. This should be done in the immediate future as the equipment in this closet supports rooms 100, 148, HS&S and the Circulation desk.
  3. SID server on NT - may revert to plug-in.
  4. East room 100 work station/circulation point - may use wireless. Rich points out that the work station would have to have a fixed IP in order to set up a Circulation ID with FCLA.
  5. Laptop report - Martha has requested a list of all the Library laptops and where they are housed. Bobbie gave the list to Bill during the meeting - we have a total of 37 in the Libraries.
Software Projects Status
  1. RS PAULA delivered - minor problems at first, but it is now in use and working well. The next phase is to integrate it with the Exchange server so it can access the current list of employees.
  2. Winston and Cynthia are finishing up the Elected Officials database.
  3. Hilton is finishing up the Preservation/Binding database. Modifications keep coming up - Bill says that it's finished. Any additional modifications will now be considered a revision. We are now exploring the next phase. A lot of the modifications right now boil down to user training rather than coding. The current database is in Access. Phase 2 will be Web pages and will require migrating to SQL server.
  4. ILLIAD integration with the Accounting system is on hold. It is up to Barbara Oliver to follow through on purchasing it.
  5. IRDB mods - working on some inconsistent screens.
DP Coordinator
  1. Business tape dispersion ongoing.

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