Systems Staff Meeting Notes 2/19/01

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
February 19, 2001

Present: Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Suzy Shaw, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. House Bill 369 - Bill sent an email summary to the Systems staff about the House Bill regarding State of Florida employees. This is not a law, and is unlikely to be enacted as currently worded. However, there is no way of knowing its probability of passing, or the sort of changes that may be made. Bill's personal opinion is that some sort of major change in the rules for state employees is highly likely this year.
  2. Windows 2K Training - Bill attended a MS-provided training session for three days at the Live Stock Pavilion on campus. (While in attendance, he got to see Donkey Basketball practice at the Pavilion.) The instructor was a consultant who has seen installations and is confident about the success rate, but is a bit cautious about migration. On the public machines, Winshield can be gotten around. (Bill witnessed this at the demo.) Centurion Guard installs have hardware redirect. With Win2K, it does seem like we will be able to lock down the public machines without the use of Winshield or Centurion Guard. W2K lets you lock down with group policies. Discussion followed about roaming profiles. Bill foresees a fairly easy transition on work stations. The instructor does not believe in upgrades at the server level - he advises to take it down to the bare metal and then back up. He also sees no need to go to Exchange 2K (mail). Overall, Bill is guardedly optimistic about the upcoming transition as long as we can make this an independent venture and do not have to be under one, overall UF management. With a centralized administration, we may not be able to lock out group vs. organization. NERDC is scared of dynamic DNS upgrades and will not turn it on at the root level of, but we may be able to do it at the domain level. Account creation & access lists are still difficult to set up. Scripting is extremely powerful.
  3. Suzy has set up an online Systems calendar to record staff leave time. SYSOUT is the userid in Outlook. This gets rid of Bill's paper book. Bill, Will & Winston will have editing capability.
  4. Systems furniture was ordered on January 11.
Review Minutes of 2/5/01
  1. Health Science Center - PAULA request: Winston packaged the code and sent it to Mark Patrick.
  2. Nets #4 - Erich's Apaches: one is up and running, three are being made ready. He has requested the installation of the second one.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Need to order network cards - Geoffrey will get with Andy this afternoon.
  2. A cracked Visor was returned this morning - will order 3 more - one for replacement, 2 for the shelf.
  3. Dell order - remaining 20 of the first order of 30: Debra checked the Dell Order Watch, both batches of 10 should be arriving this week.
  4. The second order of 30 Dells is still not registering on the Dell Order Watch.
  5. Refurbished monitors - Geoffrey contacted Dell & was informed that if an order is older than 30 days then they can replace it with refurbished machines. We'll need to inform the Liaisons that they'll need to pick up, open and install machines as quickly as possible in order to make the time window for returns. We still have the new, wiggly monitors from this order as well as the refurbished ones. We'll keep the refurbished monitors & return the problematic ones.
  6. Marvin had a new Dell that he received on January 10 - came out of the box DOA. After 40 days Dell won't ship a pre-installed hard drive. They are going to be sending a bare HD. This is another reason to inform the Liaisons about a 2-week installation window.
  7. Geoffrey is playing with an E1000 & E3000 to get them up to Win'98. He'll start with the E1000.
Support Issues and Liaisons
  1. Problems with Digital - The following incidents, as recorded by Bobbie Meng, occurred in the Libraries during the months of January and February 2001 in the areas which Digital/USI wiring crews were working:
    Rm 229 West - Telephone server machine - accessed, Paint program utilized to draw six caricatures with the following labels applied below the matching caricature - jimmy krash, abe "donky kong", jd chinese brother #1, rob mighty mouse, vince the "vulture", tim lional. This is saved to the server entitled TheGroup. Another drawing of scribbles is saved as untitled. Accessing this machine could have brought down the entire telephone system in Library West.
    Rm 273 West - USI working in area during weekend of 2/3, lock on door was discovered taped down on Monday morning, cpu used with multi-media housed in area, gutted of internal parts.
    Rm 273 West - USI working in area during weekend of 2/17, 6" core drills in floor completed, left carpet partially covering holes in floor, holes left totally open - extreme safety hazard. Also, was to be a dry bore, classroom containing computers below had water spatters on chairs, computers were apparently not covered, had debris on the machines. Area not cleaned up after work was complete.
    Com closets - Rm 124, 219, 229 and 251 West - soda cans, food wrappers, wiring debris left in closets.
    Rm 198 West hallway - Insulation on network wires stripped off, bare wires.
    Com closet Rm 124 West - Network wires with insulation partially stripped.
    Preservation area, Library East - Keyboard to a $25,000 piece of equipment was knocked off stand into camera equipment.
    Preservation area, Library East - Staff machine accessed, changes to screen saver saved.
    Systems conference Rm 19F - USI bored holes to install conduit for fiber, installed conduit in one hole, other hole is still open, Systems staff cleaned up the mess left in the area. Holes need to have smoke seal and fire insulation.
    Library East - 2nd floor - 3 complete computer systems and 1 cpu were stolen.
    Per Bobbie's conversation with Digital during which the above incidents were discussed, the decision was made (to accommodate the Library) that a Digital head supervisor will be on the job when crews are present.
  2. Squid Outage on Sunday - occurred around noontime - server maxed out on the number of file descriptors. Sometime this month we'll put in the new 7.1 version of Linux and Squid 2 to take care of this problem.
  3. Trouble Ticket history display - Hilton is working on the display, getting it to sort by name. It is not compatible with Netscape 6.0, but that is low priority.
  1. Wiring - projects have been moving quickly:
    Fourth floor of East is ready to be terminated and pinged. Wires are being pulled on the third floor.
    Conference Room West - brass plates have not been installed; core bores are done; the room is being renovated.
    West 100 & 148 - wiring to be done over Spring Break.
    MSL 215 - wiring to start today.
    Journalism - closet started, no door installed, newspaper shelf needs to be moved out - then Facilities will put up boards on the exterior wall.
    Systems - wiring completed, but they need to fix the hole in the wall in the conference room.
    Old wire removal in West - removing Coax & AppleTalk. Digital has assigned a separate crew for wiring abatement.
    5th floor East, stacks - awaiting electrical wiring.
  2. W2K servers - will use old Smathers 1 for backup, LibPreserve for the dummy.
  3. New server room (tape library) power - contracted; parts on order. Information gathered on electric conditioner.
  4. Xerox print release stations - Will has determined that it doesn't work well for over two weeks at a time - the printers end up 'dieing'. As a result, the expansion to other branches has not occurred. He will contact Xerox regarding the status of the problem.
Software Projects Status
  1. Binding database for Preservation - Hilton is working on it.
  2. Cynthia is working on the Elected Officials database.
  3. Ying finished the Caribbean Newspaper Project. Erich wants her to work on the Ringling Collection Project rather than getting full text searching on the Caribbean Project. Bill would like to make sure that is clear to all involved that Erich has prioritized Ringling over full text searching.
  4. Resource Services' use of PAULA - will try to integrate with Exchange and get away from the SQL table. Cynthia has the viewer finished, is working on the IE side. Again, low priority in developing for Netscape.
DP Coordinator
  1. Winston made changes to the Trouble Tickets so that it will notify the caller when a ticket has been closed.
  2. Debra has been working on tape disposal. Breaking the reel tapes does not seem advisable. Tina from NERDC mentioned that she removes the headers and throws them into the dumpsters. Bill will advise on method for final removal.

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