Systems Staff Meeting Notes 1/22/01

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
January 22, 2001

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Suzy Shaw, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Airplane show at the Gainesville Airport this weekend was great - WWII bombers - authentic, but restored.
  2. Bill reports that Martha was impressed with the Systems Department performance while she was here. Martha's name can be removed from PAULA.
  3. The back stairwell (south) is currently being painted. This is an unannounced occurrence. They are propping the exit door open.
  4. Congratulations to Geoffrey - he has been hired with permanent status, no reviews on performance. We will now always hire as temps to forego all of the extra bureaucracy.
  5. The refrigerator in Systems needs to be defrosted. Can use the back stairwell since the loading dock is under construction.
  6. Systems Halloween Party pictures are now up on our Web page.
Review Minutes of 1/8/01
  1. Tape disposition - hope to hear from Martha on Tuesday about the meeting with Ray Jones.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. 54 Dells were delivered. All but three have been distributed.
  2. We are preparing to order 30 more Dells as staff machines - SCSI, Win'98SE & ECC memory.
  3. The NetAgent server crashed on Friday. One of the HD failed. It has RAID, but it failed as well. It is now up and running. We've ordered a replacement drive as well as 2 more drives.
  4. Laptops with Win2K will be distributed to departments. They are not set up yet - we're waiting to straighten out the sign-on procedure. Two new Gateway Solos will replace two of our Toshibas available for checkout. The Dell Inspirion WSID 2443 will be the Systems Dept laptop and will have Win2K. It is currently checked out to Bill on the IRDB. Bill notes that the fit on the Xircom port may not fit all phone cords - need to use the one in the laptop bag.
  1. Next meeting will be on February 1, 2001.
  2. Bill is inquiring about the success of scheduling times to work on problems with the liaison present. Access has been much better - about 99.9% of the time someone is there when the tech arrives.
  3. There seems to be some confusion with FrontPage 2000 and Office 2000 updates.
  1. Xerox NT print conversion has been problematic. The West installation is using the Cows 1 sign-on. Two work stations have been having a problem. Win'95 machines must be upgraded. Music will be the next area to convert. Then IPX/SPX will be removed from the server. We'll have 2 Xerox servers running - sharing the print load. May locate one in room 229 West.
  2. Virus hits - have had quite a few lately. SR1 upgrades should all be done. Browser should be at IE 5.5. Liaisons should be going to Windows Update regularly to install critical & recommended updates. Need to investigate if IE 5.0 is the necessary browser for Net Agent or if 5.5 works without problems.
  3. Win2K migration path - Will has reconfigured servers for conversion. We'll make a backup domain controller for NT4. We will use it if we need to return to NT4 after the Win2K conversion, storing it in the closet. We'll put up a dummy server for NT4 then upgrade it live to Win2K to see how it goes. This will probably happen after January 30. The migration will be first to the servers then to work stations. Bill asked the Middle Managers to consider if they would want the roaming ID feature implemented. On the public side, we hope to be able to go without the Centurion Guard and Winshield security features that we are currently using with Win'98. Office 10 is the next Office migration; however, we do not want to go to it until Win2K is up and running. We'll hold off if possible - depending on the speed of the Win2K upgrade.
  4. Wiring - awaiting Digital. Reference moves - more drops necessary. All to go back to the closet. MSL Room 215 - in process of moving out. Pam Cenzer is temporarily in charge.
  5. Wireless - still waiting on Facilities.
Software Projects Status
  1. Martha has requested to expand PAULA to Resource Services. They will have their own version and it will be Web interface.
  2. Martha has requested that we expand the IRDB to Web interface for all to see.
  3. Spine label printer - Phek Su wants to use it in Resource Services. Need to check on its archival usefulness with Erich. This will grow if it can be worked out - at some point we will have a new system.
  4. Received a request in December from Preservation regarding their Binding-MS Access database. Winston has made a few small changes. Will keep it in Access, if feature creep sets in then he'll move it to SQL.
  5. Cynthia is working on a Documents database of elected officials in the state of Florida. It contains names, addresses & phone numbers of all the officials (with their permission). It will be Web accessible.
  6. Ying is working on two projects for DLC: Tracking Database and the Caribbean Newspaper Tracking database. Ying transferred the Tracking Database from Access to SQL. Melody is inputting data and Ying awaits her feedback. Winston is under the assumption that Erich wants the whole Caribbean database available over the Web - where he could control the access for a few people. This would be an incredibly large amount of data. Winston needs to get more specifics & clarification on this request.
  7. Student-Patron Updates are done.
  8. FLCA backups are done through TSO. This is good, as NERVM disappears on March 1, 2001.
DP Coordinator
  1. The Sony VAIO laptop that was ordered for Martha should arrive today. The triple capacity battery should follow within the next day or two.
  2. Our student, Melissa, will be out Tuesday & Wednesday - at the Career Fair. Heads up on the phone.
  3. Debra's machine is to be upgraded to Win2K.
  1. Will out January 22-29.
  2. Bill, Will, Winston & Rich will be out Jan. 29.
  3. Cynthia will be out half day February 5 afternoon.
  4. Geoffrey will be out February 8 & 9.

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