Systems Staff Meeting Notes 10/23/00

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
October 23, 2000

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Debra Harris, Martha Hruska, Bobbie Meng, Suzy Shaw, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Suzy's birthday is this week!
  2. The weather has been very nice lately.
  3. Ying had a good time on her vacation in San Diego, but is glad to be back in Gainesville.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Andy was out sick most of last week - he's currently catching up on orders: miscellaneous software, a new batch of Dells, etc.
  2. Wish list items - have not been reviewed yet. Will be done this week - which means a few more items will be in the queue to be ordered.
  3. Not all of the Dells that were recently delivered have been distributed yet. Collection Management, MSL, Access Services & LAC have not picked theirs up yet. Judaica's will be sent through the mail.
  4. Martha will review needs in order to draw up a distribution list for the next 20 Dells to be ordered.
  5. Bar code readers - under testing until November 6. So far, people seem pleased.
  6. Laptops - Bill had some feedback regarding our intentions with the eleven new laptops: the two new Dells that are to replace the Toshibas have Win'2000 installed. We need to downgrade those to Win'98 - but leave the remaining nine laptops that are to be used for training with Win'2000.
  7. The two additional Micron laptops that we originally purchased for the wireless project will go to Resource Services now. Geoffrey is currently configuring one & checking the other. They do not have network cards - we have some in the vaults that can be used.
  8. Need to have Andy order 10 carry bags for the laptops.
  9. CD-RW was distributed to Documents.
  10. Fiber switch was ordered & has arrived.
  11. Gateway P5-133 in Facilities - the HD died, they lost the supplies inventory. They did not have it backed up - one of their students is supposed to have it backed up on her machine at home. They probably need to get that off of Access and on to a Web-based application. Geoffrey is pulling a machine out of the vault for replacement.
  1. Liaison training scheduled for October 30 & November 6. Classes are pretty full: 14-18 people. May have to add another session. The dry run gave Geoffrey some good critical review. Time is of concern; he tends to be long-winded.
  1. HD upgrade on NT8 did not happen Sunday morning as planned. It needs an additional interface to make it work. Suzy will find out the specs for the interface and Bobbie will see if we have any of the hardware in the vault. Otherwise, we'll have Andy order what is necessary.
  2. Public Printing - meeting rescheduled for this Wednesday.
  3. Proxy server - has been relatively stable since Bill came in and adjusted it last week. It has only gone down once since then. The eventual plan is still to install Linux server. Will says maybe by Christmas time.
  4. Cataloger's Desktop - Betsy Simpson is anxious to have it installed, among others. Will will try to get to it this week or early next week.
  5. South Tower - Digital scheduled on Wednesday at 9:00 AM for three pulls from room 210 to room 310.
  6. Grand Reading Room wiring not yet scheduled.
  7. Room 200 has been punched down & the jacks in the room & closet have been labeled. Once the rack is stabilized, will install the fiber switch.
  8. Work to start in Norman Hall next week, one pull in Maps & MSL forthcoming. Documents is finished - Bobbie plugged them up this morning.
  9. Still waiting on the wireless.
Software Projects Status
  1. Cynthia is working on the read/only IR database for Facilities.
  2. DLC - Ying & Winston need to discuss the redesign of the table. Winston will talk to Erich about getting the overall project concepts nailed down, rather than working only on the small components. Basically, Erich is trying to track all of the elements & resources needed to complete a project in order to establish the total cost.
DP Coordinator
  1. MRDF tape request - not happening.
  2. Maps request - Debra set Jennifer Farrington up with a NERDC sign-on so she can transfer the Maps image tapes to CDs. She will be going through Documents instead of Geography. Debra gave her Jim Arnette's name & phone number at NERDC in case she needs assistance.
  1. Suzy out Oct. 25-27.
  2. Martha out Thursday, Oct. 26.
  3. Debra out Friday, Oct. 27.
  4. Will & Hilton both out Nov. 20-22 & 27.

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