Systems Staff Meeting Notes 10/2/00

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
October 2, 2000

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Martha Hruska, Bobbie Meng, Suzy Shaw, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Community Campaign is underway - everyone received the cards. Auction is going on all this week. Sweet Sweepstakes will be held on Oct. 5.
  2. Equipment/Wish List - Martha checked and only the furniture for Will's office is in process. We'll still need to ask about furniture for Debra & the students as well as the Systems Conference table. Bobbie would like two MF2912 switches. Any more wish list requests can be emailed to Martha.
  3. Will needs to generate the server room requirement to Martha.
  4. LMG Recap - Goals and objectives were forwarded to the Systems staff by Martha. Rich will post them on the Web.
    Guidelines for professional development travel were discussed.
    SUS Directors Meeting - approved electronic databases. The psychological database cost is going to increase; we may have to opt out.
    Carry forward money - there is some skepticism when large pots of money are carried forward. Current advice is to spend it.
    Security Wiring - the perimeter of Smathers will be done. Internal doors will be considered add-ons.
    $75,000 SUS-wide has been allocated for digitalization projects.
    Library West - building plan is on schedule. Dale will submit the plan to UF Facilities by the end of October. Soil testing determined that the new building will have to be located 30 feet away from West. The parking lot will be eliminated. The addition will primarily be stacks with compact shelving. Dale's plan will be turned in for the next fiscal year, architect to be contracted the year after that - groundbreaking not expected for 3 years.
    Safety Committee - Cathy Mook is updating the emergency procedures. They will be available for review. CPR training was discussed - more trainers are needed. They would like more of the staff to be trained. Cathy is in favor of having defibrillators installed on the public areas.
    Marcia Pearce is looking for suggestions for the Corporate Sponsors weekend.
    Martha will be at the Library Management Meeting at UCF for the next two days. A decision will go out by the end of the fiscal year regarding funding. The estimate for all of SUS is 8 million. This year 3.5-4 million will be funded. A request is going forward to augment the difference.
    LMG is meeting on a quarterly cycle - every 3 months.
  5. MMM to meet this Thursday. Martha needs suggestions for topics.
Review Minutes of 9/25/00
  1. Software #2 - CNIP, not SNIPE (Caribbean newspaper project).
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Had to request one more CISCO MF2912 switch. Andy has been trying to contact the vendor to order yet another.
  2. Received six more barcode readers. MSL is not pleased with the ones they have now. They've returned some of them to Andy. We need to discuss the scanners with the liaisons - long range vs. contact scanning. Will probably need to get a mix. Bobbie notes that the Scan Technology decoder box connection is plastic and will often not make good contact. Despite this design flaw, it is unclear that Welsh Allens are any better. We had complaints with those as well. A lot of the performance depends upon user preference.
  3. Eleven Dell laptops are on order. Two will replace our old Toshiba laptops that are available for checkout. The old Toshibas will be surveyed out. The remaining nine laptops will be used for training purposes. Bobbie notes that we currently have three Gateway laptops just sitting in the vault. We need to check to see if they are designated for anyone. If there is no distribution list for them, maybe we can use them to replace the other old Toshibas that are available for checkout.
  4. Received a 5 floppy drive for Documents so their 486 can be eliminated. They also wanted a CD/RW drive. One came in for Systems, we've never installed it - we may give ours to Documents.
  5. Dells on order - need to work on getting a list together of the 133's that they are destined to replace. Documents still has some even older machines - Bobbie doesn't think they'll let it go, but Will will have a word with them if necessary.
  6. Tom Minton wants to turn in the Linux server they have in Documents. It is dead.
  1. Training Plans - making notes on topics to discuss. Geoffrey is working on the handouts. We will announce at this week's meeting that we've got the training session in the works for the end of October. The first day of the session will be for new liaisons only.
  2. The CIRCA training program starts this week for some liaisons. Awaiting feedback as to its relevance to us.
  1. Wiring projects - trying to coordinate the future jobs with Facilities. New wiring projects will include phones.
  2. Documents wiring project is encumbered. Their furniture arrived on Friday; they've rearranged and now need additional funding for pulls & phones. The add-on will come from this year's carry forward money.
  3. Public Printing - No final decision on NT. Will is working on a solution: Kerberos or NDS to work with GatorLink. It's just a matter of working out the details. We'll skip the individual machine sign-ons and within a few weeks, go to NDS - it doesn't require a Novell server. Xerox is thinking of returning the server within the next few weeks. It may come back with a patch for NT. May use Cows1 for non-UF sign-ons & GatorLink for the rest. But the Cows1 sign-on could be used by anyone. Non-UF sign-ons could be set with expiration dates or with temporary GatorLinks. The matter needs to be well thought out - we don't want to do something too quickly.
  4. Martha gave Will the new Cataloger's Desktop CDs.
  5. RS/DLC - trying to get the punchdown done - data only. Need to check on damage. NT9 in the 2nd floor closet - 7' rack ordered, now there's no space for the server. It may need to be relocated. It has to stay on that subnet.
  6. South Tower East - wiring is done in Suzy's office, although NT8 went down about 10 times during the work.
  7. DLC not scheduled to move until mid-October.
  8. Suzy has been working on net diagrams and maps for the network.
  9. Journalism - Digital will give an estimate in November - work won't start until February.
  10. Branches - need to pull some one quad in AFA - encumbrance is carry forward. Education & Judaica - 15 drops required, will need an additional switch. West - need to change the wiring in one or two of the rooms that were just done. Tim needs to straighten out some mislabeling in the closets. Insulation was stripped in some of the pulls.
  11. Security people have been leaving the wiring closets wide open.
Software Projects Status
  1. Film Log - Preservation keeps finding "one more thing" to add. Should be finished this week.
  2. IR database on hold for changes. Bill Hanssen wants a database viewer.
  3. Title ID Conversion - Winston meets with Donna Alsbury & Michelle tomorrow.
  4. DLC - nothing new, work on code is in progress.
DP Coordinator
  1. Winston gave Debra a list of all of the tapes in the tape library. Debra has forwarded the list to Will and Dolores. Will talked to Dolores and she plans on talking to Ray Jones regarding our agreement to keep the tapes here in the library. Mimi could assist in assessing which ones need to remain in the collection.
  2. Laptop returns - Debra asks that anyone receiving a returned laptop be sure to note on the individual laptop's calendar that it has been returned on that particular date.
  1. Martha will be out at the LMS meeting at UCF on October 2 & 3.
  2. Will out Nov. 20-22 and Nov. 27.

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