Systems Staff Meeting Notes 9/25/00

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
September 25, 2000

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Martha Hruska, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Gators won again!
  2. Hilton will be getting married at Haile Plantation. Invitations to go out next week.
  3. Community Campaign starts this week. Ken Wells is working on the Web page for the auction. Any contributions are welcomed. The campaign lasts for two weeks, the auction will take place on October 5.
  4. Carry forward money available -equipment wish list: furniture - new, larger desk for the Systems conference room; modular furniture for Debra & the students; Will needs a new desk; phone in tech work area; lawn/tractor truck with flatbed.
  5. Server Room - plans are underway to move the server room into what is currently the tape vault. Will is scheduled to meet with Dolores Jenkins to discuss which tapes can be permanently removed from the collection. The tape library would be a more secure, better temperature controlled environment for the servers. Will try to get this rolling within the next six months.
  6. Security Wiring - people came through Systems on Friday. Perimeter doors are to be put on the card swipe system - not internal Systems doors. May eventually put the new server room on card swipe as well - but not at the same time as the perimeters, which will be done first.
  7. There is a second Coordinator position open in the DLC - mainly to do SGML markup.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Cisco switches - order placed last week. We really need them ASAP - will try to speed up the order.
  2. Dells that are on order - we'll try to identify what WSID's need to be turned in to be replaced by new machines. There are still old Macs around, most are not networked and the users aren't ready to give them up. Once they run into any service problems, they will have to surrender them. We also have some 100's in the public area that are old, but are working fine in the areas that they serve. The staff 133's will be the first to be replaced. This will take a few shipments.
  3. Geoffrey has been working on resetting the hardware & software on all of the DLC machines. It has been time consuming. He's finding disconnected parts - SCSI & IDE's. The Microtek scanners are very fussy pieces of hardware. There has been no formula for setting up the machines in DLC - out of 15 machines he has run into 8 different configurations. There have been very few updates on the software - mostly scanning software updates. Maureen Kelly may be their new liaison.
  1. Need to discuss the process of returning the old 133's with the advanced copy of the list of machines to be replaced. We want to get into a rhythm of returning the old, picking up the new and getting the old surveyed out.
  2. We need to confirm the current liaison list for each department and make sure we have the correct phone numbers for contact. The emergency trouble notification procedure needs to be updated.
  3. Geoffrey & Will are working on the Liaison Training Program - especially for new liaisons. They will get the outline to Martha. Emergency procedures should be included in the training. Use of laptops for training has been suggested. We could keep a few on hand for that purpose. Ying suggested a Liaison FAQs page - one already exists on our homepage. We probably need to go ahead and schedule room 148 for the last week in October and aim for that time to get the training done.
  1. 200/300 East Wiring Issues - data wiring is currently on hold, waiting on the phones. There is no room in the conduit for any more wire. Will is recommending that we let Digital finish the data wiring and deal with the phones at a later date. They will need to know where the punch downs should go. The wiring has been kinked - not by Digital. Problems with the wiring will have to be handled by Rob Roberts.
  2. Work on South Tower - have one switch; can activate Suzy's area. Need another switch to do the rest. The switch we use for Suzy will be the last of the fiber-fed switches. We won't have a back up if any of the ones already in use go out.
  3. Bill's plan is to have one fiber-fed farm switch for each tower as well as one available for back up. We need to order one more of the fiber-fed farm switches.
  4. Suzy is working on the Net diagram. She has West completed, but East and MSL are still in process.
  5. Branch Wiring - Journalism is on the list, no quote yet. Have quotes and encumbrances, no schedule for implementing the other branches. We do have a quote on Documents - we need to hold off on all other branch wiring projects until Documents is done. The funding for wiring projects is encumbered and needs to be used by December. Need to get with Rob Roberts to make sure any phones are pulled at the same time as the data wires.
  6. Wireless - waiting for Brad to have time to work on it.
Software Projects Status
  1. Personnel changes completed.
  2. Winston had a request from Richard Phillips to install CNIP (Mellon database) in the West classroom so he can demo it.
  3. Film Log - waiting for the sign-off from Preservation.
  4. Title ID conversion - Winston talked with Michelle, he thinks it seems like this is something that FCLA should be doing. Donna Alsbury from FCLA has been cc'd on all emails, so she is aware of it. They get the electronic invoice in October, so the changes need to be completed by then. FCLA could possibly get it done faster. Winston will contact Donna to see if they will agree to take on the project.
  5. DLC - Ying is working on code. Erich is on vacation this week. He emailed Ying with some new requests to work on while he's gone. Marcia Pearce has a huge database of Gift Opportunities - Erich would like to access it to define the DLC portion. He'd like a report just for DLC to be searchable on his Web page.
  6. We need to clean up the Systems IP list. It is a mess.
DP Coordinator
  1. Laptop reservations - online procedures are now working and the instructions can be accessed via a link on the Systems Homepage.
  2. Rich checked out a Toshiba laptop recently & it did not have dial-up access to NERDC. It would be good to have all of the laptops configured with an icon on the desktop that pulls up the NERDC dial-up.
  1. Martha out Tuesday-Wednesday.
  2. Winston out Thursday-Friday.
  3. Martha out October 3-4 - LMS conference, Orlando.
  4. Will out November 20-22 & November 27.

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