Systems Staff Meeting Notes 9/18/00

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
September 18, 2000

Present: Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Martha Hruska, Bobbie Meng, Suzy Shaw, Hilton Soto, Ying Tang
  1. Everyone survived Tropical Storm Gordon.
  2. Hilton is officially engaged; his girlfriend accepted & is planning to marry in mid-November.
  3. Gators won this weekend!
  4. Winston is going to email everyone with a copy of the lock-up procedures for closing the department in the evening. Please review and alert him to any necessary changes.
  5. Martha is the library representative for the Community Campaign. A silent auction will be set up - the campaign officially kicks off September 25 and runs through October 6.
  6. Next week's System Meeting will be held at 9AM.
  7. Martha sent out the annual Systems departmental highlights for 1999-2000.
  8. Debra's title is now Computer Support Specialist.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. 20 Dell workstations are on order.
  2. 2 machines for DLC are on order - custom configured.
  3. These orders will be paid for out of FCLA money. Total number of machines to be ordered for the year will be 164. Should work out to about 20 per month. Will work on an advanced distribution list to speed up the process.
  4. Laptop Checkout Procedures - Suzy & Debra have been working on it. It is not working at the moment due to some recent changes. The documentation for the procedure looks good, it's just a matter of restoring it to the way it was functioning last week.
  5. East Conference Room - Temperature was 52 degrees in there last week. Facilities was called to regulate it. A key is required to use the screen for the projector - we are waiting for Facilities to give us one so we can keep it with the projector. Bobbie put together a procedures diagram. Facilities still needs to work on the access to the floor plugs. We'll order a cart for the projector/laptop so we can leave them hooked up & users will only have to wheel it down the hall for ease of use. New furniture for the conference room should arrive today.
  1. Will talked to Geoffrey about scheduling a basic orientation/training session for new liaisons. Will will research the materials that Bill used last year (they are available on our web page). Only very basic PC troubleshooting should be addressed.
  2. Some liaisons will be attending a CIRCA training course. Need to get feedback to determine if we should recommend it in the future. Diana Hagan is the contact for the class.
  3. MMM will meet this Thursday - Liaisons not until October 5.
  1. Will is working on a request for statistics on CD use. Will just has to load the software to gather the stats from the server after figuring out how to get it to work on NT.
  2. Will received a request from Health Science about how to access the Sports Discus CDs. He is working to establish a method to use it without requiring a Smatherslib id.
  3. Xerox Public Printing - Will has been talking with Chris about how to set up the public printers with the use of GatorLink IDs. Kerberos software is required under NT 4.0. Would require a license or unique logons per machine. With Windows 2000, the use of GatorOne cards could probably work - but that conversion won't be until next summer/fall. Xerox said that their software running in NT could support individual logons - unique ids for each machine will probably work. There may be a way to set up the machines to use a login script.
  4. Rewiring in rooms 200 & 300 - network wiring could be complete, but they are waiting on the phones. Could be as long as a month or two. They may use the old phone wires temporarily.
  5. DLC - Terrabyte server is ready to go; Bill set it up before he left. Erich was given the passwords - he probably hasn't used it yet since we haven't heard from him.
  6. We received a request from OIR for the libraries' network maps. Looks like they are asking for info on the video devices we have on the network. MSL is the only existing one.
  7. Received estimate on Documents wiring. Still need estimate on the rest of West. The estimate on the North tower of East was received under an encumbrance from last year's budget. Need to get that project started soon. South tower of East also needs to be wired. Digital has been busy with other projects. Will continue to try and contact them.
  8. Waiting for Facilities to finish their current projects and start working on the wireless setup for the stacks.
Software Projects Status
  1. Hilton finished the film log data transfer. Need to get phase one running - any changes they are requesting will be in phase two.
  2. DLC Registry - Ying me with Erich and Stephanie - they like the current design. There are some problems with some tables, but Ying has installed the application on their machines for testing. Need to link Personnel tables to DLC staff tables. The Holdings Location Table is maintained by Rich - it will be done in the DLC and provide Rich with an active server page that he could maintain with local access.
  3. DLC - Winston wiped out their permissions on NT9 and rebuilt them. He also provided them with instructions.
  4. IR database - Martha needs to use it for the annual report by the end of September. Bobbie or Winston can do a specialized report as needed.
  5. All of the patron updates for the fall are complete.
  6. Personnel has asked for a change to their database to incorporate supervisor information for each employee. This will also provide the ability to do org charts easily.
  7. Cynthia is halfway through a Web version of PAULA. It will allow us to use it in other buildings - can update on IE, but view-only in Netscape.
  8. Jeffrey Barr requested a change on the Printer Devices application - Ying took care of this, but he has more requests.
  9. Suzy is working on VISIO net diagrams.
DP Coordinator
  1. Debra's job title change.
  2. Debra has been doing Dean's Menu changes - seem to be working - not much feedback - will assume changes are functional until otherwise informed.
  1. Martha out September 26 & 27.
  2. Winston out September 28 & 29.
  3. Will out Tuesday afternoons - has joined an intramural golf league -he'll be using his comp time.
  4. Martha out October 3-4 at the LMS Conference in Orlando.
  5. Will out November 20-22 & November 27.

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