Systems Staff Meeting Notes 5/8/00

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
May 8, 2000

Present: Rich Bennett, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Everett Phillips, Suzy Shaw, Hilton Soto, Ying Tang
  1. Everett is trying to schedule a meeting in the Systems Conference room for 2:00 PM this Thursday. Bill notes all reservations for the room must go through him. We will eventually get the scheduling of the room online like the other library conference rooms.
  2. Systems T-shirts - the embroidered test patch was sent back to the shop, the good version should be coming back today or tomorrow. It will take 2 weeks after the final approval for the T-shirts to come in.
  3. No word on the status on the new position - Carolyn has been out sick & it's waiting for her signature.
Review Minutes of 5/1/00
  1. DP#1 - Xircom modem/network card for Laptop WSID 814 has not been ordered yet. Will be ordered this week.
  1. Liaisons have been very busy updating the virus scanners against the "I Love You" bug.
  1. The Bug - all of the Library mailboxes were swept with the virus checker on Friday. It found 7500-odd instances of the virus still there. With those already deleted, we probably got hit by over 10,000, generated by 17 (dubbed the "lovelorn") people. Some people my find the email in their boxes, but the attachment has been removed. The scan also found incidents of the old Wazoo & jokes virus. We may want to do a periodic seep of mailboxes, but the process takes 6-8 hours. Killing the scripting language on the client side or prohibiting VBS attachments could help to prevent some viruses. Bill will check to see what is available to prevent VBS or Java scripting. Even still, just clicking on a URL could activate it. Could come down to functionality vs. security. The preview pane can be set to automatically open attachments. This is not good. There may be residual traces of the bug if people have not run an active scan of their machine. A new extra.dat file has been put in Read Only on NT2. Everyone needs to update. The Health Center turned off all mail from the Libraries as a measure of protection against the virus. It is unknown if they have started receiving it again.
  2. Xerox is investigating IPX problems, may be part of the general IPX problem going on for the past 2 weeks in MSL.
Current Projects
  1. Novell CD conversion to NT - on hold, awaiting quote from software vendor. Demo will not work with the current software.
  2. Wireless - Brad is working on getting the conduit to the stacks. Will demoed it for Resource Services this morning & they asked if we could run it on the fourth floor instead of the second. We can do the third floor, but the fourth won't tell us what we need to know.
  3. West wiring - same situation, predicting mid-May as the completion date. Will thinks it will be later.
  4. Lana's Networking Documentation - was not finished. Will wants to be able to use the new Wiring database to document both phases.
Software Projects Status
  1. Wiring database - Ying is still researching the function that will allow printing of specific portions of the networking tree. It is a complicated procedure. It currently prints the tree structure, but not the link information.
  2. Q&A - Not all of the reports are functional. Will have a demo at the end of this week, ending phase one. Once they start using the database they will probably have more changes.
  3. Library Statistics - IE installed on one machine at the Health Center. Winston turned on Challenge Response, which turns on the Net security.
  4. Changes in the wings for LASSIE.
  5. The IR database has been installed on Everett & Bobbie's machines. Need more demos & examples. It is in the training phase.
  6. Resource Services - changes pending on the MARCOM vendor tool. Winston added a tool sizer - they hated it. It sizes up well, but not down.
  7. PAULA had the tool sizer added, should be larger on our machines.
  8. Special Collections - changes made to the Printer Devices Web application. Had tow new databases - one old, one new - added fields to handle both.
  9. MS Support Contract has been reordered.
DP Coordinator
  1. Debra is still working on the laptop descriptions, has more information to record.
  2. Students return May 15.
  1. Hilton out May 22.
  2. Debra out May 26.
  3. Memorial Day - Monday, May 29.
  4. Winston will be out June 19-23.
  5. Bobbie will be out July 10-21.
  6. Will is scheduled to be out July 24-28.

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