Systems Staff Meeting Notes 3/27/00

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
March 27, 2000

Present: Rich Bennett, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Suzy Shaw, Hilton Soto, Ying Tang
  1. Winston placed the order for T-shirts on Friday. They'll cost $25 each.
  2. Check out the March of Dimes pictures at the website sent via email by Dorothy Hope.
  3. Systems Minutes do get read! Bill Koontz recently emailed Bill about our minutes from 2 weeks ago regarding the reported incoming email trouble.
  4. Excel anomaly - discovered in Debra's OPS spreadsheet. The summary field was not summing - requiring that we re-type the formula, and at that point it worked. All of the other cells and formulas were working fine. We're wondering if it could be an O2K upgrade problem or just a twitch with Debra's machine.
  5. A new Internet POP was installed last week at NERDC. It is working very well - we're down to 55% utilization (instead of 100%) in the afternoons. So far - no problems, the load balancing is working.
  6. Office 2000 - SR1 group of patches came out last week. It is not easy to install or download. Patch for FrontPage has to be downloaded separately. The O2K CD's have to be available. Download 24-27M, takes 1-2 hours. We have not upgraded the Admin part yet. The upgrade requires both disks. Any queries regarding the upgrade should be directed to Bill. We're not ready to go ahead with it yet, and will advise against people trying to install it on their own. It will be best to do it from the Admin point when it's ready. FrontPage disks will have to be checked out again by to do the upgrade. The odd thing is that after doing the upgrade, the machines are remarkably faster. This could mean it is doing DLL updates, which is scary.
  7. Friday afternoon, Winston opened the vault for Lindsay. This is acceptable; we just won't burden her with the combination.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. 24 Dells have been received - no distribution list yet.
  2. Equipment CPU inventory has been ongoing - Bobbie is close to finished. We're trying to locate all of our machines. The new ones that replace the old - often the old ones are not returned. People want to get new ones, then keep the old ones and try to upgrade them. We have too many machines out. The Gateway 3-year warranty is dead on - the machines seem to die right at the end of that period. This predicament is in need of upper management decision. Bill's opinion is that we should do a clean sweep of the old machines.
  1. Wireless - on hold at the moment - waiting for the Facilities wiring diagrams to come back. We think there is wiring in the stacks, but more antennas would help. Right now we've got about 2/3 coverage, this should improve with more antennas on the inside.
  2. West wiring - permit problems - not with Judy, but the guys that were installing the cable trays did not have permits and inspectors stopped by and stopped them.
  3. Network wiring documentation - has not been worked on in a while - Lana was out sick all last week. She should be back this week to resume the project.
Software Projects Status
  1. Systems wiring database - Bobbie has tested her room, found that the jack-to-punchdown worked, but there is no way to go from the punchdown-to-switch. If there is a way to do it, Bobbie was unable to find the provision.
  2. Preservation Q&A database - Hilton & Winston will demo it to the Preservation department this week.
  3. Library Statistics database - demoed it to Jack Waters, he seemed to like it. Ying is working on providing a facility in Access to do a pass-through query to SQL.
  4. Ying is working on the IR database to allow a data cube view. It should help in the reporting flexibility. The feature will require a little bit of user training.
  5. Winston has received several requests for changes to the Personnel database. Alterations have to do with the maintenance of half-time FTE.
DP Coordinator
  1. Online equipment reserve - a form already exists on the Systems web page for this provision. It automatically emails the request to SYSHELP. It is very rarely used. Perhaps it is not advertised well enough. Generally, staff members just decide they want the laptop right at that moment and call on the phone. Bill notes that it could possibly be reserved like the calendar & rooms in Exchange. The problem with that is the number of items to check out and requests for certain software & attachments. Will probably just try to advertise the existing web site form and encourage staff to make use of it.
  1. Will out April 3-7.
  2. Bill out April 7 & April 14.
  3. Debra out April 18-21.

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