Systems Staff Meeting Notes 2/21/00

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
February 21, 2000

Present: Rich Bennett, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Everett Phillips, Hilton Soto, Ying Tang
  1. Trip report - Winston attended a SQL conference in San Francisco last week, just returned yesterday afternoon. He is still digesting the information, but said the big push was on SQL 2000 - it's not available until July, but is widely in use for beta testing. His trip coincided with Microsoft's kickoff of Windows 2000. Winston will write a paragraph on the conference for the Library newsletter.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. We received an update for Adobe Acrobat 4.6 from CIRCA. There's about a half dozen out - the CD will be checked out from us here in Systems.
  2. Scanner woes on Ariel machines - had problems in MSL, West and the Health Science Center. The ultimate conclusion was that it was coincidental that all three machines were running Ariel software - the application was not the cause of the scanner malfunctions. Don't give up standard troubleshooting -even in the case of multiple malfunctions.
  1. Microsoft has been announcing updates - even for virtual machine. Need to visit the site and do the recommended updates.
  2. Resource Services is unable to update McAfee on their NT machine. This is something we need to get control of and figure out how we're going to proceed because we will be putting out a number of NT machines within a year's time. We can't very well do each installation for the staff, but if we let them have administrative privileges, it could prove disastrous. The solution for this problem may be to change the authority on WinNT directory without changing the permissions.
  1. Switches - all of the switches in MSL have been replaced. Tried to replace the switch in Education but ran into a VLAN problem - will try again tomorrow morning, with NERDC removing filtering & VLANs on the router. Will also need to notify housekeeping in Education of our work schedule. A new module was installed last week in 2820 in Systems. The north tower in East is complete, this should take care of all SNA timeout problems.
  2. Keys for the network boxes - the same key will work in all boxes - we need Facilities to make copies of the keys.
  3. Bill & Will had a meeting with NERDC last week - those present included about half of the Net Services staff and CISCO engineers. The meeting didn't boil down to much - they did talk about the importance of the CORE services, how hard it was to get a hold of Net Services, trouble ticketing systems, and if we'd like NERDC to help design our network.
  4. Lana's documentation - she has completed three pages so far, but the information is ever changing. Bobbie is updating changes made after Lana's work, as needed.
  5. Linux - SmathersL7 - is online, but not working well. It has a habit of dropping out periodically, proving non-responsive. This server is housing the forms-to-mail. Bobbie & Everett have noticed an increase in applications locking up on their workstations. Bill suggests disabling McAfee ActiveScan on the NT's. Bobbie shared some information she learned recently about spanning tree, which keeps the switch system from having redundant loops. It finds the redundant loops & cuts them off. Bill will check on to see what the spanning tree means in the context of our problem.
Software Projects Status
  1. Ying is awaiting input from Bobbie regarding the wiring database.
  2. Ying is working on the web format of OPS cost sheets.
  3. Q&A database - it's at the end of the first phase - should have a demo in about two weeks.
  4. Personnel database- Winston has some minor modifications to make to it this week.
  5. Mellon 2 - David Allerton has finished with his data entry. Winston is unsure whether it will be integrated into the original database or standalone.
  6. Library Statistics - Carolyn would like this in an online format. Jack Waters put something out in Access, but it is not up to snuff. We may be approached to redesign the job.
DP Coordinator
  1. Student Spring Break is around the corner: March 6-10. There will be no students working that week.
  1. Will Chaney will be out Feb. 29.
  2. Spring Break is March 6-10.

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