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Endnote Web
What is EndNote Web?
It is a Web-based service designed to help students and researchers through the process of writing a research paper.

Experienced Users Connect here! Endnote Web Login
Alert! Personal account required! If you are already registered in the Web of Knowledge, you do not have to register for EndNote Web. If you are connected from a UF computer IP (including via the Library EZproxy or UFVPN), you may register upon connection. Otherwise, see account creation restrictions below.

What other online resources about EndNote Web exist?

How are personal accounts created?

ALERT! Users must create their EndNote Web account by being connected from UF in one of the following ways:
  1. From a UF workstation on campus (in the library or elsewhere at UF).
  2. When connecting from off campus, you must be using one of the remote access methods provided by the UF Libraries
In other words, the workstation from which you create your account must appear to EndNote Web as though it is on the UF campus. In order to use EndNote Web away from UF, you must first register and login from a UF IP-authenticated workstation. This confirms that you are a valid user with UF and initiates Roaming access for twelve months. After twelve months, you are required to login again from a UF IP-authenticated workstation to re-establish your association with UF.

When you register for EndNote Web, you are automatically registered in ISI Web of Knowledge and can take advantage of any of these ISI Web of Knowledge features: