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Lost and Found

If the item has a name associated with it, you may--for the sake of expedition--ask patrons in the vicinity if they have lost something; they must first of course be able to tell you the name on the item. If no match is found, place the item in the top right-hand desk drawer or (for student assistants) place the lost and found item in the OPS Supervisor's mailbox with a note attached). He will dispense with them in accordance with library policy.

Problem Behaviors

Library Policies for Patron Conduct

If a patron becomes disruptive, threatening, or harassing, call the University Police immediately at 2-1111. If you feel you are in immiment danger (trust your instincts), don't hestiate to remove yourself from the area to get away from the threatening individual(s). You can even go downstairs, for example, to make the call if you think that would safeguard yourself or prevent escalating the situation.


If you discover a fire or detect smoke,

    1) Sound the nearest fire alarm

    2) Call University Police Department 2-1111

    3) Call Facilities Planning Office 2-4500

    4) Evaculate the building

    5) Do not re-enter the building until given permission by UPD.

Use common sense: if in imminent danger, just get out fast.

Loan Policies

Please see basic borrowing policies applying to regular UF and special borrowers. If you really want to full monty (discussing library cards, recalls, fines, lost items, etc) see the full circulation policy manual. Note that it is entirely appropriate for you to refer circulation policy questions to the Marston Circulation Desk at 392-2851.

Incident Reports: Injury, Building Damage, Emergencies, Fire Alarms

All work-related injuries must be reported as soon as possible to the immediate supervisor, the University's Office of Workers' Compensation (352-392-4940), Library Facilities, and Library Personnel. In the case of severe injury (especially visible or suspected bleeding or broken bones), call 911 immediately, then report the incident as soon as possible thereafter. You may also read the library's full policy on reporting occupational injury or illness.

Incident Form (PDF): Fill out and give to supervisor

Food and Drink

For staff, water bottles are allowed at the desk. Eating should be done in the lounge. There is a refrigerator for food if you need it.

For patrons, food is allowed only if it does not disturb other patrons.



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