October 14, 2003



Members Present:  Rich Bennett, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Michele Crump, Martha Hruska, Erich Kesse, Cathy Mook, Lawan Orser, Betsy Simpson, and Phek Su

Absent: Naomi Young


1)                Announcements & Updates


·         Emilia Garcia will retire at the end of October.

·         Terri Smith has been promoted to Senior Archivist.


2)            Budget Update – Michele Crump


·         Martha Hruska working on the plan to get FCLA funds released.  FCLA agreed that the funds could be used to pay for electrical wiring, in addition to network wiring.  FCLA also agreed that the funds could be used for training purposes. Therefore some of the funds may be used to train the individuals who will be trainers for ALEPH and systems training. Funds will also be used to replace older computers. 

·         Materials budget - $2,820,024.78

·         Kluwer – There is an option to do early payments and get discounts.  A small group is working with John Ingram to document UF Libraries practices to support the ‘dim archive’ of print materials.  This information will be shared with FSU. They will be housing the Wiley dim archive.

·         Library Administration is still being conservative with spending in order to save funds that will be used for the DOT storage facility and other move-related expenses.


3)            Aleph & SFX status – Rich Bennett




·         The next full test load began on October 2nd and should finish around the end of October.

·         We now have access to the UF Aleph test database and workflow testing is underway.

·         The subset review of publication patterns is still being conducted.

·         Areas that are available for local customization in the clients are being reviewed.

·         FCLA will conduct training on October 27th-29th for Systems staff of the Phase 1 Libraries to introduce and train them on setting up permissions and supporting printing and reports.

·         The plan is to still install 15.5.2 on the test server as soon as it’s available with the hope that it could be installed on the production server over the Christmas period.

·         There will have to be a subset 5 load review to confirm fixes to earlier reported problems have been made. However, there is not a schedule for this yet.




·         SFX has been live for five weeks.  Its statistical package is being upgraded next month.

·         SFX statistics for the first five weeks as well as some summer activity was reviewed.


4)            Re-class project – Lawan Orser


·         Collection Management has not completed the review of the 900’s re-class material. Resource Services has received 2/3 of the files back from Collection Management.  There are some gaps that Lawan Orser has to discuss with Shelley Arlen.  Thus far Collection Management has decided to re-class 16, 600 volumes.

·         Lawan suggested that it might be a good idea if the re-class is viewed as a long-term project.

·         The Periodicals re-class has been put on hold.


5)            Library Web – Suzy Covey


·         Suzy Covey is trying to make an offer to one of the applicants interviewed for the Web Master position. If that doesn’t work out, then the pool of applicants will be reviewed for another possible candidate.

·         There is only one more page to finish before the new Library Staff Web site goes live.  It will be shared with Library Council for comment.

·         At the recent ITAC-AT meeting, Mark Trammell discussed the process of re-doing the UF website.  As of January 1st the 150th logo will not be used and there will be a new look to UF pages. It has not yet been decided what that will be.


6)                Systems – Bill Covey


·         Microsoft announced that their new operating system is going to be XP.  We will

go to it in a year or two.

·         A patch for IE has been out for about ten days.  Systems is monitoring the patch to make sure it is stable.


7)            CAGER – Naomi Young


·         Naomi Young was not present.


8)                Relocation plans - all


·         A final floor plan for Library East Room 100 has not been completed.

·         Floor plans for MSL Room 107 have been provided by Facilities.

·         UF CNS is working on the connectivity problems being experienced with Documents public machines.

·         Tomorrow the Periodicals Improvement Group will meet with Access Services,

H&SSS, Resource Services, and Preservation to discuss the future location of current periodicals in the corridor of Library East.


9)            OCLC Union Listing


·         This topic came up when SOLINET was here last week consulting with ILL.  They felt that if we were more up to date with our union listing that ILL would get less requests for items that we do not really own.

·         As we are looking at our new system perhaps we could look for an easy way to update holdings.

·         A follow-up report is expected from SOLINET in one month.


10)                Statistics for Electronic resources


·         SPIT is putting together a small group to look at statistics for Electronic Resources.


11)          Other?


·         FCLA will receive Metalib training Tuesday through Thursday of next

week.  Rich is not sure when institutional training will occur.