June 22, 2004



Members Present:  Bill Covey, Michele Crump, Martha Hruska, Erich Kesse, Cathy Mook, and Naomi Young, Nancy Williams, Julia Allen

Members Absent: Rich Bennett, Tom Minton, Lawan Orser, Betsy Simpson, and Phek Su



1)                Announcements


·         UF Bridges transition complications

§         Some employees have experienced difficulty when inputting leave.

§         Some supervisors cannot see all of their employees.

§         Student employees (new & old) are not displaying on supervisor’s screen.

§         A student employee couldn’t input work hours on Sunday. She was able to input the Sunday information on Monday.  She made an error inputting the data and the system would not allow her to correct the mistake.

§         Grant Co-PIs cannot see projects.

§         Entry for direct deposit not showing in “My Account.”

·         TSMG will meet July 13th and TSSC August 10th.

·         Martha Hruska will review TSSC’s membership due to recent organizational changes.  Between now and mid July she will work on drafting charges for the task groups so work may begin in August.

·         OPS allocations were made based on last years OPS budget allocation.

·         Martha Hruska will be out Friday, June 25th through Tuesday, June 29th for ALA.  She will be on vacation July 15th-27th.

·         Clifford Lynch, Director of the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) will give a talk, Learning Management System Technology in the Broader Information Environment, Wednesday, June 30 from 10:30-11:30 in the Reitz Union Ballroom.


2)            ALEPH


·         Acquisitions implementation

§         Acquisitions implementation will occur tonight.  All orders and budget codes will come over.  The budget will come over as 03-04’s budget.  A report will be run in ALEPH to update the budget to reflect 04-05’s information.  2000+ vendor codes will come over however only 77 will be coded correctly due to a PeopleSoft error.  The others will come over with the vendor codes used in NOTIS.  When the remaining new vendor codes are received they will be entered into ALEPH. 

§         Michele Crump is not sure how on-order materials will display to the public or how they will display when materials are actually received.

§         Staff will be notified about the acquisitions implementation.  The records will be reviewed first thing tomorrow morning. Update note: After two unsuccessful attempts this week, the Acquisitions migration has been delayed until the week of June 29.

·         Item record reviews and cleanup

§         A group (Doug Kiker, facilitator) has been charged with drafting standards and guidelines for how item records are input and cleaned up.  The draft document is expected by mid to late July and will be shared with Public Services.

·         North American ALEPH User Group (NAAUG)

§         Martha Hruska discussed Betsy Simpson’s email of June 18th in reference to topics covered at the NAAUG meeting.  Martha will forward the email to committee members.

§         Authority enhancements that were due to be released with Version 16 have been delayed until Version 18.

§         Martha Hruska encouraged committee members to begin thinking about FRBR, especially those attending ALA.

§         ARC, an add-on report module was discussed at the meeting.  It will be beta tested soon.  Martha believes FCLA is willing to talk to Ex Libris about acquiring ARC as to put UF in a position of testing it.

§         VERDE, an electronic resource management tool was discussed at the meeting.  This is still in the focus group stage.

§         Next year’s meeting will be at the University of Maryland.

§         Staff should be reminded that we are not updating the union catalog.

·         Other Projects?

§         The deficient LAMDA fields are gone.  Duplicate information (853s & 863s) still remains in the system.


3)            Budget Update – Michele Crump


·         Materials budget - $1.43


4)            Reclass project plans – Lawan Orser


·         Lawan has been gathering background information in preparation for the Periodicals re-class in late July.


5)            TOC enhancements – Julia Allen


·         There was a meeting at FCLA last week to discuss extraction of the test file.

·         A test file containing approximately 21,000 records will be sent from the reports region.  A third report has to be run in the reports region to create the test file and then another service has to be run to retrieve the data.

·         505s and 520s will be deleted and replaced with 970s

·         Erich Kesse inquired about the possibility of tagging records that do not have TOCs as to simplify future identification and possibly local enhancement.


6)            Library Web – Martha Hruska for Tom Minton


·         A message went out about setting up training sessions to give staff that work on web pages the opportunity to work with the new templates.

·         The look and style of the upper level website is scheduled to change over the summer.

·         Tom is working with Public Services groups to review Public Services secondary pages.