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Technology Services Steering Committee Meeting


April 26, 2005

Members Present: Julia Allen, Rich Bennett, Suzy Covey, Michele Crump, Martha Hruska, Erich Kesse, Tom Minton, Cathy Mook, Lawan Orser, and Betsy Simpson.

Members Absent: Nancy Williams and Naomi Young

Guest: Winston Harris

1) Announcements

2) Updates:

  • Some progress has been made on Aleph permissions. Work is currently being done on Preservation and Cataloging & Metadata.
  • Rich Bennett is working on a chart to graphically illustrate the nine different places permissions are set.
  • Some progress is being on SUL permissions access.
  • LTQF issue is still on the list of Aleph loads for FCLA to resolve but other items are higher on the priority list.