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Technology Services Steering Committee Meeting


Jan. 25, 2005


Members Present: Julia Allen, Rich Bennett, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Michele Crump, Martha Hruska, Erich Kesse, Tom Minton, Cathy Mook, Lawan Orser, Betsy Simpson, and Naomi Young


Members Absent: Nancy Williams


1) Announcements  

         A decision has been made to begin placing barcode labels on the outside of books. Call numbers will continue to be written on the inside. Preservation will determine the type of tape should be used to secure the bar code if need be. Self-checkin(out) MAY be a possibility in the very distance future IF funds become available.  

2) Udpates:


         TSPC - LCA10 authority load, CAGER role

         Naomi Young and Heather Lawrence are reviewing the electronic journal guidelines. Jim Michael is reviewing the databases guidelines. The CAGER group will also serve as a liaison to the ECC however the ECC has not provided any details. .

         Aleph Outstanding Issues

         The list of outstanding ALEPH issues has been distributed. Martha Hruska is going to add "disappearing holdings records" to the list. An FCLA status report on the outstanding issues is expected in the near future.

         Vendor MARC records for ejournals

         CAGER has been asked to review and the topic has been placed on the Continuing Resources Policy Committee agenda. Discussion will include the possibility of removing the 856 fields on existing catalog records for the print titles.

         Budget update - Michele Crump

         $362,369.63 Book OCO

         $190,430.15 DSR.

         Some refunds are expected from HSCL.

         A lot of money is being spent on electronic resources this year.

         To date OPS funds are not being over spent. Legitimate OPS funding project needs should be reported to Martha Hruska.

         Reclass project - Lawan Orser

         More than 3500 periodical volumes have been processed. 4500 volumes are being relabeled. The Library West Collection Preparation Steering Committee decided not to change ALEPH Periodical information at this time. Naomi Young is working on making sure the LC call numbers on the re-classed Periodicals are correct.

         The book re-class project will begin in February. A laptop and scanner will be used in the ALF stacks and ALEPH call numbers will be updated in batches. The ALEPH book information will have to be updated quicker than the ALEPH Periodical information. The Library West Collection Preparation Steering Committee will meet this afternoon to discuss specifics.

         TOC enhancements - Julia Allen, Betsy Simpson

         The first file for 1991 was FTP'd to the reporting server yesterday. 1992 is ready to send once 1991 is returned. UPDATE: The 1991 return file was received 1/27/05 and 1992 was sent out. Gerald Langford loaded a small set of 1991 to make sure everything looked good and it did.

         Library Web - Tom Minton

         The Web Advisory Group will begin working on the Web guidelines that need to be updated. Accessibility standards need to be clearly understood by staff. A decision has to be made about what version of the Web site to archive.

         Metalib implementation will occur this semester.

         Systems - Bill Covey

         Systems Liaisons sampled machines for spy ware. Most of what was discovered was innocuous. A password stealer was discovered on a single machine.

         The NT4 server will be changed to Server 2003. As a result, DNS server pointers will have to be reset.

         DLC - Erich Kesse

         All projects are progressing on schedule.

         Strategic Plan cards - see January 14 email

         TS goals for 2005 should be clear to everyone in division since these define the work we are doing:


Improved electronic (digital) service

         Building Greenstone-based digital library at UF

         Survey of UF Digital Assets, preliminary to planning an Institutional Repository. Task Force report submitted.

         Use Metalib to improve access to all digital resources. Resource Navigation TF appointed Jan. 24.

         Adding Serials Solutions MARC records to catalog for all electronic journals Spring 2005.

         Library website revamp pretty much completed Fall 2004.

         Add Table of Contents to catalog records for domestic books (when available) published since 1990.


Strategic collections

         Make all UF dissertations available in digital form

         Florida Newspaper digitization grant project pending

         Baldwin digitization grant project in process

         High use Humanities & Social Sciences materials return to Library West in LC classification. LW Collection Prep committee at work.


Process improvement

         Suggest library-wide discussion focus on process improvements. These discussions need to be interdepartmental and interdivisional, focused on functional areas that should be reviewed and analyzed. These functions include:

o        Serials checkin

o        Binding

o        Systems liaison support

o        Scanning

o        Web work

o        Materials processing and checking/verification


Re-shape our staff interactions. Suggestion to use the process mapping discussions to encourage and facilitate staff discussions on how we accomplish traditional services. Recommend continued use of interdepartmental task forces to launch new initiatives that require commitments from various departments to integrate and sustain new services.