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Transition Monitoring Team

Committee Charge

To: Leilani Freund, Pam Cenzer, Suzanne Kiker, Matthew Daley, Jan Swanbeck, Jim Liversidge, Bill Covey, Shelly Arlen, Barbara Hood, Misty Swain, Rob Roberts, Trudi Di Trolio, facilitator

From: Dale B. Canelas

Subject: Transition Monitoring Team

Dear Colleagues:

We are about to begin a very exciting and challenging period for the Libraries. As we get ready for a beautiful new facility, we need to vacate Library West. This action, will require at least eleven different collection moves and multiple staff moves involving five buildings and most library staff. To say that this will be a confusing and uncertain period is an understatement. When you add to the challenges of the coming year the introduction of a new library management system, it is clear that there will be a lot of room for partial communication, inadequate communication, miscommunication and consequent misunderstanding. To be successful, we can’t let that happen!

There will be many decisions and actions related to the relocation of Library West staff in the months ahead. Many of us will be living in temporary quarters, adjusting to less space, new neighbors, and living in other department’s boundaries, while others will be adjusting to less space, new neighbors, and having other department’s staff in their space. Some are facing permanent building reassignment. Recognizing that communication about the series of actions needed to complete these projects is vitally important to staff. I am appointing a Transition Monitoring Team to facilitate two-way communication for the duration of the construction period.

The focus of TMT discussions should be limited to matters that have grown directly out of the changes happening in the Libraries as a result of collection and staff moves and the impact of construction or renovation activities to facilitate this. The TMT will function as a point of access, getting the word out quickly to staff, correcting misinformation and countering rumors. This group will not have decision-making responsibilities, nor will it be charged with managing moves itself.

In order to be successful, the TMT will

The Team will meet weekly. Trudi Di Trolio will facilitate meetings and coordinate the agenda. Steve Shorb will function as the representative for Library Administration. Trudi will communicate with the Directors at the weekly Directors’ meetings, as necessary.

I hope you will support the efforts of your colleagues as we move ahead in this critical time.

Cc: Library Directors
Department Chairs
Office Heads
Library Staff

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