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Meeting minutes

12 July 2007

Members present: Marilyn Ochoa, Carrie Newsome, Jason Fleming, John Nemmers, Rae Jesano, Jimmie Lundgren, Matthew Mariner

Discussion points:

On library pages: 'Help' AND 'Ask a Librarian' buttons; are both necessary. We determined that consolidating the two (migrating the topics in 'Help' to 'Ask a Librarian') would be best.

Side strip: Discussed possibility of organizing a 'task force' to deal exclusively with complexities of reorganizing side strip elements.

Other University websites: look for inspiration in the library websites of other Universities comparable to UF -- glean from them any advents we might be lacking.

EZ proxy use: alert Bill to EZ proxy use

Brown Bag: focus on instructional staff

Rich Bennett: suggest changes to documents detailing proxy procedures for patrons/staff (VPN instructions as well)

Group decided to 'do away' with rank bar in MetaLib search results.


26 February 2007

Resource Navigation Group

Agenda and Notes for Meeting Held

February 26, 2007

1:00 PM, MSL 107


Members Present:  Jimmie Lundgren, Matt Mariner, Maryellen O’Brien, Marilyn Ochoa, Carol Turner


  1. OPAC committee which will be working on Endeca issues
    1. Carol introduced the possibility of reorganizing or integrating the OPAC committee within Resource Navigation (as a task force or a subgroup).
    2. Carol said she would forward the charge of the old committee.  Marilyn suggested that the RNG consult with Rich, Jason Fleming and LeiLani Freund to get more information on the projected activities of the group to make a recommendation about how the committee should be reconstituted.
    3. Marilyn mentioned also that LeiLani has approached me about the RNG’s involvement with the Endeca usability tests FSU is planning; FSU is already working on the instrument.  Marilyn will discuss the possibility with Carrie.


  1. Email from Religion Studies faculty
    1. A Library suggestions email was sent to the RNG. 
    1. Other email that gets sent to RNG as a whole will be discussed by email if necessary.  A response will be sent by Marilyn or Carrie as Chairs of the RNG.


  1. Brown bag
    1. Present members voted to recommend the top three issues identified at the brown bag be submitted to Tom Minton for action:
    1. The next brown bag to discuss the proxy was scheduled for March 27, 2007 from noon to 1 PM. 


  1. Next projects
    1. MetaLib—Marilyn will find out when FCLA will implement the new version of MetaLib.  Maryellen indicated that ExLibris rolled it out last week.
    2. UFDC
    1. Proxy
  1. Next meeting for the RNG was scheduled for March 15, 2-230 PM.



Reviewed pages

  1. Login pages Review of current page

Review of current which goes to HSCL proxy page to retry logging in


30 January 2007


RNG Meeting January 30, 2007 Minutes

Further group discussion

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