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Brown Bag Notes


Notes from RNG Brown Bag, March 27, 2007:


(Provided by John Nemmers, RNG member)


Log-in page:
Preference is for Option 2, with simplified instructions.

Everyone prefers a generic "U of F Libraries" Library Proxy Login page.

Rather than linking directly to UF VPN, we need to create an intermediate VPN page explaining why we recommend it over proxy, providing direct link to the download, giving setup instructions (or linking to them on the VPN site)

Remove the text in red

Remove the breadcrumbs

Health has it's own card activation form so we need to change the "your card must be activated" link so that it points to an intermediate page to direct users to Smathers or Health activation.

We discussed removing the 14-digit Library number login altogether, and there was a good deal of support for this. We probably need to research this a bit to see if there are users who would be using that login method but not the GatorLink method. This would certainly simplify the login page and streamline the help/troubleshooting pages. To cover all bases, we could have a link on the unsuccessful login page that reads "Don't have GatorLink - try using the 14-digit number." Although, there was general consensus that our borrowers should have GatorLink accounts with all privileges in order to log into proxy.

Success page:
Preference is for Option 1 with no drop-down menus.

Change "UF Libraries' Home Page (Smathers)" to "UF Smathers Libraries" - we're removing the "Home Page" to be consistent with Health/Law.

We need to add more information about "Launch EZ Reconnect" (or at least make it stand out in some way). Everyone felt it could get missed at the bottom of the page, and it's an important feature.

We should add some space between the table cells and/or add padding inside of the cells so that the next is spaced more on page.

If we do decide to go with the drop down menus on the success page, then we had these comments:
Under Health, remove "Articles" as an option.
Something to test: Log into proxy -> go to Law's home page -> click on catalog and it opens in a new window -> does it stay in proxy?

Unsuccessful login page:
Remove the breadcrumbs

Change the user ID image to the Al Gator image.

Same issue re: activation link as described above for the login page.

When users click on Report Your Problem, they should see the report form but we should also add phone numbers and an email contact for each of the libraries at the top of the page.

Change the "Report Your problem" page so that it is the same format as the other proxy pages we're designing. Also, the form should be simplified (e.g., removing the bulleted tips section). We can create an FAQ and link to it from the report form page.

On the unsuccessful login page and the troubleshooting/FAQ/help pages, we should state that users must have a GatorLink account AND that account must have library privileges (it's not enough to simply have GatorLink since some are courtesy and they do not have privileges).

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