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Employee Recognition Committee

Town Meeting

February 7, 2007


PowerPoint Presentation (with notes)


Attendees: Dina Benson, Laurie Brennan, Peter Bushnell, Jane Anne Carey, Tara Cataldo, Pam Cenzer, Will Chaney, Joyce Dewsbury, Trudi DiTrolio, Lori Driscoll, Christine Driver, John Freund, Steve Fuquay, Sara Gonzalez, Winston Harris, Jody Hewitt, Barbara Hood, John Ingram; Margeaux Johnson; Brian Keith, Anita Lambert; Jimmie Lundgren, Iona Malanchuk, Peter McKay, Kristy Mills, Angela Mott, Barbara Oliver, Tina Pruitt, Dan Reboussin, Trish Ruwell, Christy Shorey, Betsy Simpson, Terri Smith, Angela Stewart, Grace Strawn, Jan Swanbeck, Flo Turcotte, Ben Walker, Jay Wiese, Jessica York.

Introductions and Presentation

Betsy S. introduced the Employee Recognition Committee (ERC) and the committees for employee appreciation parties. Jay W. announced the Convocation date, Wednesday, May 9, 2-4 p.m. The event will include, among other things, food, drinks and fun. John I. said the date is not yet set for the Spring Picnic.

After describing a new ERC initiative, the Discretionary Recognition Fund, Betsy called on Barbara O. and Brian K. to explain how the fund may be used.

Barbara explained that University of Florida Foundation funds, from which all ERC funding is derived, are regulated.  While they may be used for events, retirement parties/gifts, etc., certain restrictions apply.  Any recognition awards/gifts that constitute income, i.e., anything with a recognizable dollar value, may not be purchased with Foundation funds. If purchased, the recipient’s taxable income goes up and he/she has to pay more taxes. On the other hand, things without a stated dollar value (e.g., coffee mugs, a donated certificate that says ‘good for one burrito’ or ‘good for one latte’) are ok to give.

Unfortunately, most of the time it is necessary for employees to pay out-of-pocket for ERC-related expenses and submit receipts for reimbursement. An exception is Publix because the library has an account there. ERC will work closely with employees to assure proposals for Discretionary Recognition Funds comply with regulations.  As needed, ERC will consult with Business Services. Brian K. advised that despite the restrictions Library staff is encouraged to put forth milestones and achievements.

Betsy S advised that funds may be requested for small recognition events as well as large, as long as the event recognizes accomplishments that meet library goals, not just a typical end-of-the-year party. The ERC is seeking proposals and will help requestors. Use the ‘proposal’ form on the Discretionary Recognition Fund page.

Discussion Session led by Peter McKay

Topic: What do you think of current appreciation events ?

Topic: Is there enough money allocated for retirement parties?

Topic:  Other types of recognition and what should be recognized that is not now recognized?

Topic: Should we set up a blog or wiki or other Web space where employees can post recognition/appreciation/news?

Flo T thanked the ERC for working on all of this.

Compiled by Laurie Brennan


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