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Marston Science Library Building Program Committee

Committee Charge

The Marston Science Library building is 20 years old. Designed as a flexible building to house library resources and services that support the sciences, agriculture, and engineering at the University of Florida, it has been an essential component of Smathers Libraries’ programs. Over the years, the library building has temporarily housed several other library collections, services and staff as campus building and renovation plans required. The library also permanently houses the Map and Imagery Library and, since 2004, the Documents Department. The building has met the challenges well, it is a key academic resource for the sciences, and it is heavily used by students and faculty for research and access to information. It is time, however, for the library to be reviewed and updated to meet the needs of its users in the 21st century. This committee is being asked to undertake this review and to provide a report with recommendations to the Director of Libraries by December 15, 2006.

Your review should include:

Your work should include:

Your product will be a building plan that defines what is needed, what is desired, and what is currently inadequate and that can be used as the foundation for the work of a building designer.



Marston Science Library Building Planning Report (Word .doc)

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